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  • CG Mario Level Pack report CG Mario Level Pack CG Mario Level Pack is an awesome platform game featuring a plethora of levels... CrazyGames 1 hour ago
  • Drag Racer v3 report Drag Racer v3 Drag Racer V3 is an awesome and simple drag racing game in which you must control... CrazyGames 8 hours ago
  • Elementary Arithmetic Game report Elementary Arithmetic Game Choose the right elementary arithmetic and complete the equation! You have 60 seconds to complete as many equations as possible. In each equation, the elementary arithmetic is missing and you have to choose the right one based on the numbers and answer and complete the equation. When your 60 seconds end, your score is calculated based on the number of your correct and wrong answers. So be quick and do your best to correctly answer as many questions as you can. MyGame 10 hours ago
  • Picnic Panic report Picnic Panic You are chased by a hungry bear: Run for your life in Picnic Panic! If you were just about to have a picnic, suddenly a bear comes to your fore. Try to stay ahead of him in the super fun game Picnic Panic! MyGame 10 hours ago
  • BFFs House Party report BFFs House Party It's weekend and you and your friends have planned a super stylish house party! The decoration is already finished, now let's make sure that noone goes hungry und prepare some delicious food! Design cute cupcakes and make sure to match the given recipe. Roast meat and vegetable skewers and finally mix some tasty fruit drinks. Don't forgot to dress up inbetween and select your favorite outfit. Now you're all set to enjoy a wonderful evening with your BFFs! MyGame 10 hours ago
  • Daily Mahjong report Daily Mahjong Daily Mahjong is a fun game to spend time. Your task is to remove all the tiles from... CrazyGames 14 hours ago
  • Angry Chicken report Angry Chicken In this snake game, you're a long chain of chicks following a chicken. Corner your opponents in Angry Chicken and make them bump against your 'snake'. BGames 14 hours ago
  • Archery Expert 3D: Japan report Archery Expert 3D: Japan Archery Expert 3D takes you to Japan! Hit the targets with your arrow in each level... CrazyGames 15 hours ago
  • Jewels of Arabia report Jewels of Arabia Match 3 or more jewels in a row to earn points and remove them from the playfield.... CrazyGames 16 hours ago
  • ZomboiZ report ZomboiZ You are part of an elite unit of soldiers who specialize in killing zombies! This... CrazyGames 20 hours ago
  • Boomerang Chang report Boomerang Chang Standing on top of the famous Little Ninja Hill, Chang has been under attack for... CrazyGames 20 hours ago
  • Jelly Slice report Jelly Slice Cut this jelly in several pieces so that each one of them has a star! Use your wits to make it in as little cuts as possible. Have fun! MiniPlay 21 hours ago
  • Tower Blaster report Tower Blaster Build a tower by placing the blocks in numerical progression from high to low! MyGame 23 hours ago
  • Bubble Trouble 3 report Bubble Trouble 3 Panik has learnt that the only way to stop these 'cyber bubbles' is to pierce them with his titanium pointed harpoon when they are in the air. Guide Panik through the different locations on earth and foil the evil red guys plans for total destruction. Grab the Power-Ups that fall from the bubbles after bursting to keep up your energy and enhance your shield. MyGame 23 hours ago
  • Shove Box report Shove Box Help Pete pushing the presents. MyGame 23 hours ago
  • Bell Boys report Bell Boys Help the bell boy to deliver their orders to the right floor by controling the elevators. MyGame 23 hours ago
  • Gingerbread Cookie Shooter report Gingerbread Cookie Shooter Feed Hungry Pete. MyGame 23 hours ago
  • Grenade Spin report Grenade Spin Not available MyGame 23 hours ago
  • Sint Nicolas Rolit report Sint Nicolas Rolit Play a game of Rolit against St. Nicholas. MyGame 23 hours ago
  • Takajyo report Takajyo Guide the eagle to the rabbit and catch it! MyGame 23 hours ago
  • Help Buy Pete report Help Buy Pete Help Pete with buying presents. MyGame 23 hours ago
  • Realistic Internet Simulator report Realistic Internet Simulator Kill all the pop-ups! MyGame 23 hours ago
  • Zoo Keeper report Zoo Keeper Make combinations of 3 or more identical animals in a row or column. MyGame 23 hours ago
  • Bubble Trouble 4 report Bubble Trouble 4 Destroy the balls. MyGame 23 hours ago
  • Nail Studio report Nail Studio Change into a nailist and apply the artificial nails to the girl's hands. MyGame 23 hours ago
  • Hero RPG report Hero RPG Not available MyGame 23 hours ago
  • Agent 420 report Agent 420 Not available MyGame 23 hours ago
  • Jeeves Volleyball report Jeeves Volleyball The goal of this funny sport game is to hit the teapot over the net and have it fall down on the opponents side of the court floor. MyGame 23 hours ago
  • Project Pravus report Project Pravus Investigate the house. MyGame 23 hours ago
  • The Bull Rage report The Bull Rage Not available MyGame 23 hours ago
  • Two Wheeler Trauma 1 report Two Wheeler Trauma 1 Navigate through the traffic. MyGame 23 hours ago
  • Flava Manicure Game report Flava Manicure Game Help the girls make their nails look funky-fresh! MyGame 23 hours ago
  • 3D Puzzle 1 report 3D Puzzle 1 This game can really taste your intellect. You have to link the same color squares on the 3D cube. Are you ready to be addicted to it? MyGame 23 hours ago
  • Skate Stunts report Skate Stunts You will have to master some tough skills to do well in this event. MyGame 23 hours ago
  • Kuzcos Cart report Kuzcos Cart Angle the jumps to switch to the right rail and not lose points or crash into gates. MyGame 23 hours ago
  • Scooby Doo 10 report Scooby Doo 10 Your aim in this fun skateboard game is to try to get Scooby-Doo as high as possible to be the half-pipe king. MyGame 23 hours ago
  • Flash Sprint report Flash Sprint Race against time! MyGame 23 hours ago
  • Happy Tree Friends report Happy Tree Friends Hit thehappy tree friends as far as possible! MyGame 23 hours ago
  • The Eggs Terminator report The Eggs Terminator Jump around to ruin easter for everybody! MyGame 23 hours ago
  • Roiword Nail Studio report Roiword Nail Studio Decorate your nails with available nail polish and accessories. MyGame 23 hours ago
  • Spongebob Hamburgerstand report Spongebob Hamburgerstand Here, it's cult TV character SpongeBob SquarePants who's the proud recipient of the hairnet and long hours worked for minimal wage, filling the same orders for "Krabby Patties" over and over again until he inevitably slips up and gets told off by his boss. MyGame 23 hours ago
  • Poems Generator report Poems Generator Let the generator create a poem. MyGame 23 hours ago
  • Spiderman 1 report Spiderman 1 Jump to the next rope without hitting the ground! MyGame 23 hours ago
  • Tabletop Soccer report Tabletop Soccer Your aim in this cool football flash game is to pit your skills against the computer or a friend. MyGame 23 hours ago
  • Stylin Stuff report Stylin Stuff Create your fancy footwear with this fun game. MyGame 23 hours ago
  • Jumping Jack 1 report Jumping Jack 1 You can leap over buildings in a single bound, but scrape your back on the Golden Gate bridge and you'll be cut in half. Can you avoid the bums and get across the city alive? MyGame 23 hours ago
  • Detonator report Detonator Help Walter defuse all the bombs. MyGame 23 hours ago
  • Yeti 09 report Yeti 09 Fly the albatros as far as possible! MyGame 23 hours ago
  • Truck Zilla report Truck Zilla Rumble around B4000 park to pick up the robot parts. MyGame 23 hours ago
  • Kuzco Mad Dash report Kuzco Mad Dash Kuzco is a young emperor who is bound to lose his empire to Kronk if he loses the race against him. Fortunately, Yzma prepared some potions for him and put them on his way. Have Kuzco change between running, flying and swimming to avoid all obstacles and win the race! Use the potions to gain an extra advantage for Kuzco. MyGame 23 hours ago
  • What's In The Bag report What's In The Bag Discover the content of the bag. MyGame 23 hours ago
  • ORB 2 report ORB 2 Guide the orb to the goal. MyGame 23 hours ago
  • Zowie report Zowie Adventures of Zowie. AIDE Click to play, then Commencer. Watch the enemy, cast a spell on them to avoid. MyGame 23 hours ago
  • The Breakfast Club report The Breakfast Club Get to the end of each level and collect as many food as you can on your way. MyGame 23 hours ago
  • Jet Pack Getaway report Jet Pack Getaway Use the least amount of fuel to get where you want to go or lose. MyGame 23 hours ago
Showing 1 - 55 of 145,155 for 'Newest'

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