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  • Super Mechs report Super Mechs Super machine is an amazing action game that gives you a unique opportunity to create a super robot! Choose your weapons, armor and more to build your robotic warrior robot. Create your own style and become the ultimate fighting machine. Have fun! CarGames 7 months ago
  • Robot vs Zombies report Robot vs Zombies Fire your robo cannon as you try to take out all the zombies with limited shots. Y8 9 months ago
  • GUNROX - Rush report GUNROX - Rush You are always moving. Can you blast away the enemies as you continue to walk towards them? Y8 9 months ago
  • Dino Robot Dino Corps report Dino Robot Dino Corps 10 dino robot game. 4J 1 year ago
  • BotBall report BotBall If you combined football, darts, and robot fights, you might get close to BotBall. But your combination would be lame and broken; BotBall rocks your world. So play it already! Y8 9 months ago
  • Badminton Panzo report Badminton Panzo This panda is facing a robot in a badminton match. Who will win? MiniPlay 1 year ago
  • Battle for the Galaxy report Battle for the Galaxy After a long tiring trip across the universe, a new planet suitable for human life has been found! Take control of the mightiest army in the galaxy and get ready to fight! Build bases and fight enemy colonies in order to take over the lands and become the ruler of this new planet. MiniPlay 1 year ago
  • Spiders Arena 2 report Spiders Arena 2 Are spiders scaring you? And what would you say to explode a few spiders? Awesome, isn't it? Take a gun and shoot them all! Welcome to Spiders Arena 2! You will have to survive as long as possible, wave after wave, against big spiders and other machines. You can buy ammo and new weapons in the arena shop. The more waves you pass, the harder the survival. Have fun! Y8 9 months ago
  • Battle Mechs report Battle Mechs In this turn-based robot-fighting game you'll have to choose your moves carefully and defeat your rivals. After each fight you'll be able to purchase new weapons. MiniPlay 1 year ago
  • Space Robot Battle report Space Robot Battle Play Space robot battle on Kizi! Defeat the evil doctor and battle your way through 30 levels. Space robot battle is totally free and requires no registration! Kizi 5 months ago
  • Intrusion 2 report Intrusion 2 Help the hero to kill the aliens who try to destroy the earth. Find the way to avoid traps and shoot the aliens. Save the world with the hero. Good Luck. CarGames 7 months ago
  • Stick Figure Badminton report Stick Figure Badminton Choose your character, either a \"fleshy\" (stick figure) human or a state of the art robot, and get to playing some badminton! Whether man or machine, SHOW NO MERCY to your opponent! BubbleBox 1 year ago
  • Super Mechs report Super Mechs Build, Fight, Prevail! Design your own Mech exactly how you want it, creating the perfecting fighting machine, with the style, weapons and extras that you want it to have. Fight against your friends and other online players in the arena for glory. TacticSoft 3 years ago
  • Zombotron report Zombotron Welcome to the planet Ā«ZombotronĀ», inhabited by human-mutants or just stupid zombies. Nobody knows where they come from and what they eat. But we know one thin... Kongregate 7 months ago
  • Unstoppable Slam report Unstoppable Slam Evil robots are heading towards the earth and there's only one hero who can stop them. Use all of Slam's awesome powers as you build momentum and use Slam's magic basketball to crush the robots. Collect coins and upgrade Slam's powers to become even more unstoppable! Y8 9 months ago
  • Battle for Planet Zogran report Battle for Planet Zogran Shoot robots and boxes in this top-down shooter. Similar to Robokill & Red Storm series. Y8 9 months ago
  • Metal Wartale report Metal Wartale Now you have to drive your favorite chariot to fight against the robot army?It is the last chance for the human beings to survive! Y8 9 months ago
  • Robot Riot report Robot Riot The robots are rioting! Y8 9 months ago
  • Star Battle report Star Battle Blast and shoot your way through various missions and collect the powerballs which activate the teleport at the end of every level. Show what you got and bring it on! Y8 9 months ago
  • Super Robot Advance report Super Robot Advance Fly your super robot through space and avoid all the objects! Y8 9 months ago
  • Max Steel: Turbo Reload report Max Steel: Turbo Reload Help Max Steel defeat his enemies in this thrilling, action-packed shooter. Don't get killed! MiniPlay 1 year ago
  • Battle Robot T-Rex Age report Battle Robot T-Rex Age In this sequel of Battle Robot Wolf Age assemble your powerful robot T-Rex, prepare it for battle.This time, try to defeat "Madam" definitely ! Y8 9 months ago
  • Hotseat Gunner report Hotseat Gunner Can you destroy the robot before he turns his laser beam on you? Shoot around the obstacles to hit the robot. If you take too long, he will fry you! Y8 9 months ago
  • Robo Escape report Robo Escape The little robo is trapped in a facility filled with hostile evil droids. Use various tools and strategically escape the laboratory. Slip pat undetected by hiding in spaces and creeping around the enemies in this new top down puzzle advenutre. Y8 9 months ago
  • Panic Bomb report Panic Bomb You'll control a little robot that must dodge the bombs this evil doctor throws at him. MiniPlay 1 year ago
  • Bionoids report Bionoids In the turnbased strategy game Bionoids it is your task to defeat the enemy units each level. Earn money to buy new weapons in the shop. Y8 9 months ago
  • Robot Wants Fishy report Robot Wants Fishy The third in the series. Help guide Robot to the Fishy he so desperately wants. You#39ll have to collect a variety of powerups to get there, and there seem to be... Kongregate 7 months ago
  • Robots can't think report Robots can't think Robots can not think. you will have to do so instead of them. try to solve the puzzle and find the way out. Kongregate 7 months ago
  • Ben 10 - Underworld report Ben 10 - Underworld Kevin suddenly appeared and kidnapped Gwen. He demanded that Ben turn over the Omnitrix. If his demand is not met in 24 hours, he'll kill Gwen. The only way to find Gwen is to fight the way through the massive underworld before it's too late... Good luck Ben, this is a one-man infiltration mission. Gwen is waiting for you at underworld's end... Y8 9 months ago
  • Give Up Robot 2 report Give Up Robot 2 Give Up Robot 2 takes the jumping, grappling and swinging insanity of the original and adds jetpacks, conveyor belts, electrified blocks, lasers, rockets, moving blocks, bosses and more. You will have to have patience and perseverance to make it through the 60 levels in Normal mode and the punishing 12 additional levels in Hard mode. Good luck, and don't give up. BubbleBox 1 year ago
  • Robo Run report Robo Run Master the force of gravity to pass each of the 20 mind-bending levels. Y8 9 months ago
  • Reality Shift report Reality Shift Help our robotic friend through the stages with his ability to change Dimensions! Y8 9 months ago
  • Droids 2 report Droids 2 Grab coins as a rolling machine equipped with guns. Fire at enemies and unlock your way to the exit. Y8 9 months ago
  • RobotRiot report RobotRiot Move through ships as you blast enemy robots, maneuver obstacles, and blast door control panels. Y8 9 months ago
  • Adventure Bot Carl report Adventure Bot Carl Adventure Bot Carl wants help in his next journey, which our adventurer ABC still doesn't know what is going to be. This anxiety is killing his system. Fortunately, it shouldn't be long before a surprising opportunity puts him in a new adventure. Guide the robot and make sure it won't be damaged. Y8 9 months ago
  • Super Mega Bot report Super Mega Bot Help this nice robot beat the 21 stages in this game by dodging spikes, laser beams, bombs and enemies. MiniPlay 1 year ago
  • Robot Wants Kitty report Robot Wants Kitty Collect powerups to help robot find his way to kitty! That makes sense. Y8 9 months ago
  • Give Up, Robot report Give Up, Robot Give Up, Robot is a colorful puzzle platform game. Jump, hook and swing your way via fifty stages of disco madness and assist a dancing robot to discover the exit.Have a good time! 4J 1 year ago
  • Cyber Nibblet report Cyber Nibblet Dodge lasers and baddies and try to get the little robot to the end of each of the 25 uniquely crafted levels. Y8 9 months ago
  • Robot Wants Ice Cream report Robot Wants Ice Cream Robot and Puppy are heading to Happy Ice Cream Planet to get some ice cream! Unfortunately, when they finally arrive, things are not as they had hoped ... 4J 1 year ago
  • Cyber Niblet report Cyber Niblet It's going to take mad mental and manual skill to get this bitty bot home laser-free! Get to the checkered box without bumping into any enemies, getting shot by them, or getting sliced by the laser. If the goal is locked, you need to ride past all red dots to activate it. Y8 9 months ago
  • Dfragmente report Dfragmente Movement at a laboratory requires high number of safety cards for entry to various rooms. Unfortunately you have no cards in this game Defragmente and therefore first you need get them. Try to move through the laboratory, find all needed cards for the entry to next doors and get yourself until to the most secure place of the laboratory. Of course, that you must also wait some enemies and obstacles during this way. Have fun. PacoGames 6 months ago
  • Robot in the Hole report Robot in the Hole This little robot has fallen into a deep hole. Help him by upgrading his abilities and get up to the surface. Y8 9 months ago
  • Robot Unicorn Attack report Robot Unicorn Attack The popular "Canabalt" and "Flood Runner" genre returns with rainbow power! Keep moving! Y8 9 months ago
  • Angling Bots report Angling Bots Feel the rage of the fishing rod! Y8 9 months ago
  • GravX report GravX No description available. Y8 5 months ago
  • GravityBot HD report GravityBot HD ANDROID VERSION: GravityBot HD is a new challenging arcade game based on real... Kongregate 7 months ago
  • Transformers Prestige report Transformers Prestige Guide Transformers robot leader through the Earth's catacombs to acquire energy for an upcoming final battle on Cybertron. Y8 9 months ago
  • Zombotron 2 report Zombotron 2 A good zombieit#39s a dead zombie. Agree? Then you#39re not mistaken with the address. You will have a chance to test it in practice. Destroy all zombies. Destr... Kongregate 7 months ago
  • Droids Steal for Me report Droids Steal for Me This burglar is very careful. Every time he is going to rob a house he brings special droids with him, which are helping him to get to the most valuable things, especially money. Control the droids and the thief and steal all money in all levels. Y8 9 months ago
  • Project Borgs Is Out Of Control report Project Borgs Is Out Of Control Shoot enemies & capture their fallen parts to buy upgrades. Be careful, levels are destructible. Y8 9 months ago
  • Looper Stencyl report Looper Stencyl Looper is a single screen platformer where your score goes up one point for every successful loop. If you die your score goes back to zero. Y8 9 months ago
  • Mechanical Commando report Mechanical Commando Gear up as a full metal, heavy mechanical commando and fire it up! Make your path through the enemy war zone as you keep the trigger down tight, unleashing full firepower from the devastating Machine Gun Cannon to the dreaded Rocket Launcher and many more weapons at anyone in your way! PacoGames 6 months ago
  • Robo Juicestice report Robo Juicestice The theme was "you only get one", in order to execute on this idea we made a game where you start with 6 "powers" and lose one each time you beat the game until you are left with only one: Jump Y8 9 months ago
  • Robot Jim report Robot Jim Load your gun and help the Jim the robot save the space station and blast all the aliens that dare stand in your way! BGames 8 months ago
Showing 1 - 55 of 1,984 for 'robots'

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