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  • Infectonator : World Dominator Infectonator : World Dominator To fix the freezing when the loading screen comes up, just hit tab until there is a yellow square on the bottom right area of the page, then press enter. Tha... Kongregate 6 months ago
  • Infectonator! Infectonator! Infect people, turn them into zombies, and destroy the world in 60 seconds Kongregate 6 months ago
  • Virus - Beginning of End Virus - Beginning of End In 2017, a biological accident resulted in the release of a deadly virus. It killed everyone it touched. And then it killed them. Y8 2 years ago
  • Infectonator : Christmas Edition Infectonator : Christmas Edition Infect people, turn Santa into a zombie and ruin Christmas! NO MORE 60 sec time limit! Kongregate 6 months ago
  • Infectonator 2 Infectonator 2 Infectonator 2 is here! Sequel to the hit Infectonator series, this new game adds a lot of depth, giving you the control to infect entire continents one by one... Kongregate 6 months ago
  • zombie terminator zombie terminator Resident Evil comes once again,sleeping zombie again wake up from the underground.This time, they clearly come prepared.They are claws activity in any corner of the human breath,they will bring disaster to destroy everything.If you do not destroy them as soon as possible, mankind will face the threat of extinction.The major responsibility of the endless sustain human has come to you,quickly into action to save the world! Y8 2 years ago
  • Dead meadows Dead meadows A zombie survival shooter, Zombies get more numerous over time. Kongregate 6 months ago
  • Apocalypse Apocalypse After a virus has gotten loose, there are few survivors left on the earth. Deal with them as you wish, but watch out for the infected! Kongregate 6 months ago
  • Dead Frontier Night Three Dead Frontier Night Three We are currently making a free zombie survival MMORPG using the Dead Frontier engine and are aiming for first release in early March 08. For more information... Kongregate 6 months ago
  • Quantum Zombies Quantum Zombies Survive the apocalypse like only you can! You are an engineered man who has all the skills needed for real survival. Paired with your sword, gun and bow, it's up to you to defeat all the zombies. SuperGames 11 months ago
  • Dead Detention After Story Dead Detention After Story This is a one-off sequel episode to my prettyyyy stupid series Dead Detention. Y8 2 years ago
  • Autumn War Autumn War You command the red units. Kill the green units. Select units by clicking on them, move them by clicking on the ground and attack enemies by clicking on them. You can attack enemies with crosshairs on them especially the ones that come in contact. Watch out for the number of units in the squad, you don't wanna be left alone. You can also buy vehicles and guns. Advance your line to the enemy's line to win the mission. Are you ready to give commands? Y8 2 years ago
Showing 1 - 12 of 12 for 'zombie virus'

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