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  • Kitchen Restaurant Clean Up Kitchen Restaurant Clean Up Keeping your restaurant clean and tidy is important especially when you are serving and cooking for guests! With the Kitchen Restaurant Clean-up game you can really challenge yourself and have your kitchen looking its best ready for passing any inspection. With this cleaning game you can test your skills and race against the clock to clean everything up before your guests arrive. Good luck! DressUp 2 months ago
  • Messy Fridge Clean Up Messy Fridge Clean Up A fridge is the most common household thing. We use the fridge for preserving drinks, foods and vegetables that we use every day. So, it your duty to keep the fridge neat and clean always only then the things inside it will remain fresh. In this online cleaning game, you can see a messy fridge in the worst possible condition. Will you clean it up as you do with your fridge at home? Clean up and arrange the items properly! Have fun playing this fridge cleaning game, girls! DressUp 2 months ago
  • Clean Up Hair Salon Clean Up Hair Salon In this hair salon clean up game you have to clean up everything and set everything in the right place again. Can you help this salon? DressUp 2 months ago
  • Cooking Rainbow Birthday Cake Cooking Rainbow Birthday Cake Cook your rainbow cake by mixing the ingredients, adding the food coloring, cook your cakes in the oven and after that you can decorate them with yummy sweets! DressUp 2 months ago
  • Cone Cupcakes Maker Cone Cupcakes Maker Became an expert baking cone cupcakes and decorate them like a pro with this funny cooking game. DressUp 2 months ago
  • Mini Golf Dress Up Mini Golf Dress Up If you start to memorize how angles work and realize that it's better to be safe than sorry, then you'll sweep all of the family members or boyfriends you'll ever play at mini golf. DressUp 2 months ago
  • Moody Ally Baby Bath Moody Ally Baby Bath Let's make Moody Ally happy for the rest of the day! Give her a bubble bath, use the toys to cheer her up, soap her up and shampoo her hair and get her all cleaned up. Then, care for the baby and finally, dress her up in your favorite outfit. With your help, baby Ally will be in a lovely mood all day! DressUp 2 months ago
  • Anna's Baby Wash Anna's Baby Wash Get Anna`s cute little girl ready for a lovely mother-daughter day out in Arendelle! Give the princess a warm bubbly bath, wash and rinse her hair, play with her and then go on an adventure at the royal lake. Help our princess catch her very first fish and feed the ducks to create a memorable day for Anna and her little girl. DressUp 2 months ago
  • Miraculous Hero Baby Bath Miraculous Hero Baby Bath Our miraculous little hero needs a warm bath before she can go out into the world and fight bad guys, so get ready for an adventurous daycare! First, clean up the adorable girl, second, change her diaper and fix her hair, and last, give her the perfect clothes, for the mission to be complete! DressUp 2 months ago
  • 100 Trendy Crop Top Looks for Princess 100 Trendy Crop Top Looks for Princess Be trendy! The princesses want to dress differently. Take a look at their wardrobe and find beautiful clothes. Difficult huh? So many beautiful things are in there. DressUp 2 months ago
  • Kitty Cat Princess Fashion Show Kitty Cat Princess Fashion Show This cute kitty cat princess is getting ready for a big fashion show this evening and it's all up to you to help her get ready. Choose all of her clothes, accessories and much more so that she can be the prettiest girl in the kitty cat princess fashion show. There will be a wide variety of clothes and accessories to choose from so make sure you choose what ever looks best on her. DressUp 2 months ago
  • Karate Chic Girl Karate Chic Girl It's time for another competition. No one has reached the level of this girl's cool karate skills. But the tournament set up team has created a pyramid scheme to get her to fight the most vicious teen fighter in the dojo! Dress her up and good luck! DressUp 2 months ago
  • Princesses Intense School Cleanup Princesses Intense School Cleanup Moana and Ariel organized the annual school prom which was a success! Everyone had a great time and the girls were happy to see that their work was appreciated. After the prom though, the school is a mess. And now comes the not so fun part of their work, the cleanup. DressUp 2 months ago
  • Elsa vs Anna Make Up Contest Elsa vs Anna Make Up Contest Today we have a very interesting contest between Queen Elsa and Princess Anna. Who will be the winner? Only you can decide who is more beautiful. Enjoy the contest! DressUp 2 months ago
  • Barbie Pregnancy Care Barbie Pregnancy Care Can you take care of pregnant barbie? DressUp 2 months ago
  • Pregnant Angela Baby Room Decor Pregnant Angela Baby Room Decor Angela is Pregnant! And she wants to decorate the baby room already, because she knows the baby is coming soon! Let's help her! DressUp 2 months ago
  • Make Delicious Macaroons Make Delicious Macaroons Are you ready to make some delicious macaroons in this cute cooking game? DressUp 2 months ago
  • Reptile Zoo Excursion Reptile Zoo Excursion This Boa Constrictor wants to be your buddy! Dress him up in cute hats and colorful ties or change the color of his skin for some wacky hilarious good times. DressUp 2 months ago
  • Clean Up Car Wash 2 Clean Up Car Wash 2 Clean your car with 3 awesome levels. Have fun! DressUp 2 months ago
  • Hello Kitty Cooking Touchdown Pizza Hello Kitty Cooking Touchdown Pizza Can you help Hello Kitty to cook a delicious pizza? DressUp 2 months ago
  • Elsa and Jack Become Parents Elsa and Jack Become Parents Great news in Arendelle! Elsa is going to become a mommy! Jack Frost, her husband, is so happy about it. Go shopping with your beloved couple and make shure that they will be the most beautiful parents at the whole kingdom! DressUp 2 months ago
  • Barbie and Ken Become Parents Barbie and Ken Become Parents Barbie is pregnant with a baby girl and very soon Barbie and Ken will become parents! Barbie is very happy, but sometimes she feels a bit anxious. Today Ken decided to take his wife out for a romantic date to cheer her up. Would it be a sunny beach, a peaceful park or maybe a nightclub? Help Ken to decide on the location and then dress him up and pick the cutest maternity outfit for pregnant Barbie! DressUp 2 months ago
  • Three Kids Cesarian Birth Three Kids Cesarian Birth Barbara and Mike are going to become parents. WOW! Barbara is pregnant with three babies! No way she can give them birth by herself. So doctor decided to make a cesarian birth. And he needs your assistance. DressUp 2 months ago
  • Sun and Fun Sun and Fun Soak up the sun at this relaxing resort! Guide customers to open tanning chairs and leave them to their sunlight sessions. When they get up and leave, collect the payment left on the chair. Reach the target to complete a level! DressUp 2 months ago
  • Princess Easter Egg Decoration Princess Easter Egg Decoration Easter is coming soon! Go and help the princess create beautiful easter eggs. And colour each one differently! DressUp 2 months ago
  • Pregnant with Twins Pregnant with Twins She's pregnant with twins, but at least her loving husband is there to care and support her. She's being treated to a precious pregnant makeover with her superfine, fun facial makeover! Send that little bundle of joy out into the world pampered and pristine! DressUp 2 months ago
  • Kiss in the Airplane Kiss in the Airplane The co-pilot and stewardess are in love, but they can't let the passengers see their passionate romance. Sneak kisses without getting caught! Be careful because you both might lose your jobs. Otherwise pass out the peanuts and avoid turbulence in this hot kissing game. DressUp 2 months ago
  • My Fairytale Wolf My Fairytale Wolf Ohh, look at the cute fairytale Wolf. The wolf needs a real makeover. Please help him to get clean again and then make him beautiful, again! How will it looks like afterwards? I bet pretty! DressUp 2 months ago
  • Stick Pou Adventures Stick Pou Adventures Pou is on stick-tastic adventures! DressUp 2 months ago
  • Diamond Ball for Princesses Diamond Ball for Princesses The princesses are invited to the Diamond Ball, the most famous ball in the kingdom. So please help them to find nice dresses. Will they find the love of their life at the Ball ? DressUp 2 months ago
  • Fairy Boxing Fairy Boxing Dodge, weave, jab, dance and smash! The life of a fairy boxer isn't always glitz and glamor, but it is always a fashionable adventure. DressUp 2 months ago
  • Pet Hospital Doctor Pet Hospital Doctor Hello Doctor! There's three cute little patients waiting for you! Please do your best and make them feel better! DressUp 2 months ago
  • Pregnant Rapunzel Maternity Deco Pregnant Rapunzel Maternity Deco Rapunzel is pregnant and she is thinking to decorate a room for her unborn baby. She will give life to a beautiful baby girl or boy in a few days, so she has to prepare the baby's bedroom. Play this game and choose a pretty crib for the baby and nice furniture, so the baby can enjoy living there. Have fun! DressUp 2 months ago
  • Frozen Elsa Maternity Designs Frozen Elsa Maternity Designs Much time has passed since Princess Elsa find out that she's pregnant. Now she needs a lovely dress that fits her well, can you help her? DressUp 2 months ago
  • Fashion Studio: Cheerleader Outfit Fashion Studio: Cheerleader Outfit Create your own dream cheerleading outfit! Pick your colors and your fabric, and stitch it all together! DressUp 2 months ago
  • The Intern's Unicorn The Intern's Unicorn "Have it on my desk by 5." She's been asked to do someone else's job again, but Amanda's finally putting her hoof down with the help of her magical beast of corporation fascination! DressUp 2 months ago
  • Elsa Labyrinth Escape Elsa Labyrinth Escape Have a magnificent day with your best friend in this Elsa puzzle game compilation where you will escape a maze, find hidden objects, ride a unicorn and match pairs with famous characters. DressUp 2 months ago
  • Anime Tattoo Hair Anime Tattoo Hair Would you suddenly get a tattoo or would you make it into a unique and exciting experience? I saw someone the other day just causally going into the tattoo parlor to get a new tattoo. I hope they don't regret it as soon as they sit down! DressUp 2 months ago
  • Jasmine Got a Partime Job Jasmine Got a Partime Job Jasmine loves slacking at her job. Can you help her to put on make-up, do her hair and more when nobody is watching? DressUp 2 months ago
  • Bubble Academy Bubble Academy Shoot colourful bubbles with magical experiments. Follow classes at the Academy to learn all about magical bubble shooting and become top of your class! DressUp 2 months ago
  • Cinderella House Makeover Cinderella House Makeover Help Cinderella to clean the house. Pick up all the stuff, clean up and make Cinderella one happy princess! DressUp 2 months ago
  • Catbox Bowling Catbox Bowling This cat loves boxes! Can you lead him to the right one? DressUp 2 months ago
  • Princess Elsa Facial Spa Princess Elsa Facial Spa Princess Elsa wants to get her face pampered and get a lovely makeover at your spa salon because there is a royal get together at the palace. She thinks that you can give her an extra charm that will make her look very special in the gathering. Hence, start this facial spa game and rejuvenate the face of Elsa with a series of facial treatments. At the end, turn Elsa into a fine looking princess with makeup, accessories and outfits. Have fun! DressUp 2 months ago
  • Finding Love Online Finding Love Online Don't you know who she is? She has been on multiple soaps in multiple roles, but it's a little bit difficult to find someone to date when people are falling in and out of comas, jumping out of airplanes, and faking their own deaths. Of course if she's lucky, she might find love online! DressUp 2 months ago
  • Talking Angela Facial Talking Angela Facial Talking Angela is ready for a lovely spa facial after a long day of hard work. Can you help Angela? DressUp 2 months ago
  • My Little Pony Furry dressup My Little Pony Furry dressup Do you like My little pony?! Create your own human my little pony creator! Create your own Anthro! Be it a cute angel pony, or a badass super hero.. The options are unlimited! DressUp 2 months ago
  • Princess Kitten Messy Room Cleaning Princess Kitten Messy Room Cleaning Princess kitten needs your help with cleaning the room! DressUp 2 months ago
  • Easter Bunny Difference Easter Bunny Difference This cute Easter bunny needs your help to celebrate in beauty. Help him to find a festive outfit and to paint an egg. DressUp 2 months ago
  • Flirt In Florence Flirt In Florence Florence is a very romantic Italian city. Make this picture perfect by stylizing the ideal outfit of those two young lovers. DressUp 2 months ago
  • Baby Hazel Flower Girl Baby Hazel Flower Girl Baby Hazel has just received a very special invitation from her aunt, Lisa. She has been asked to be the flower girl for her wedding, and Baby Hazel couldn't be more excited. Now she needs to go shopping for a fabulous dress to wear to Aunt Lisa's wedding. Head to the local mall with Baby Hazel and help her pick out a cute outfit for the wedding, then she'll need to undergo a hairstyle makeover to complete her look in this fun online baby game for girls. Pay close attention to what Baby Hazel wants to keep her happy and earn a high score! DressUp 2 months ago
  • Monkeying Around! Monkeying Around! Get down to some serious monkey business with this cute couple of kissing primates! DressUp 2 months ago
  • Grandma's Banana Nut Dessert Grandma's Banana Nut Dessert Grandma loves to bake delicious desserts for you to enjoy when you visit her at her house. Today, Grandma has promised to make your favorite banana nut bread as long as you promise to help her. Grab your apron and prepare to learn grandma's amazing recipe for scrumptious banana nut bread so that you can snack on the sweet homemade bread while hanging out with Grandma in this fun online cooking game for kids! DressUp 2 months ago
  • Graffiti Girl Graffiti Girl Graffiti is very harshly prohibited in America because police always consider it vandalism. But if you look at areas in London, they have designated graffiti areas for people to explore their creativity on the plain stone walls. DressUp 2 months ago
  • Pregnant Mommy Care Pregnant Mommy Care Help this pregnant mommy! DressUp 2 months ago
  • Baby Hazel Brushing Time Baby Hazel Brushing Time Good morning! You need to Wake up baby Hazel and convince her to brush. Pick up the tools required for brushing, tongue cleaning, gum massaging and washing face. Help Baby Hazel to complete all brush time activities without making her cry. Brushing in the morning is just as important as brushing at night because your mouth just collects germs! DressUp 2 months ago
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