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  • Enchanted Forest Hair Salon Enchanted Forest Hair Salon Hey girls, in this lovely new Enchanted Forest Hair Salon you can practice and prove you hair stylist skills by giving amazing new and fabulous haircuts to Red Riding Hood, the Pony Princess and Tinkerbell! These three pretty ladies have been invited to the Enchanted Forest Autumn Ball. This is going to be the biggest social event of the year. All the creatures of the Enchanted Forest are going to be there. DressUp 6 months ago
  • Frozen Family Cooking Wedding Cake Frozen Family Cooking Wedding Cake Gather in the kitchen for this Frozen family wedding cake cooking game where you will meet all the members and prepare a delicious and crazy looking masterpiece of flour and sugar. DressUp 6 months ago
  • Mini Golf Dress Up Mini Golf Dress Up If you start to memorize how angles work and realize that it's better to be safe than sorry, then you'll sweep all of the family members or boyfriends you'll ever play at mini golf. DressUp 6 months ago
  • Summer Beach Volleyball Summer Beach Volleyball Are you ready for the summer? This cute girl loves to play volleyball, it's her passion. But right now she has a big issue, she doesn't know what to wear! Can you help her?? DressUp 1 month ago
  • Anna Vs Rapunzel: Teen Queen Contest Anna Vs Rapunzel: Teen Queen Contest Play Anna Vs Rapunzel: Teen Queen Contest and help the princesses win this amazing title from their favorite magazine! Seventeen Magazine is one of the most famous glossy magazines for teens and this month it has a competition. The winner will appear on the cover, which is pretty amazing! But in order to win, they have to prove they have the perfect style in five different categories. Play this fun game named Anna Vs Rapunzel: Teen Queen Contest to find out! Good luck! DressUp 6 months ago
  • Pregnant Mommy Care Pregnant Mommy Care Help this pregnant mommy! DressUp 6 months ago
  • Cozy Shoe Design Cozy Shoe Design Sometimes, it's nice to stay comfy and slip on your favorite pair of cozy shoes. But this stylish girl doesn't want to miss and opportunity to showcase her cute sense of style. That's why she's decided to design her very own cozy shoes so that she can look fabulous while lounging around the house. Browse the wide selection of colorful shoes, chic patterns, fashionable decorations and more, to design a cool pair of comfortable shoes in this fun online design game for girls! DressUp 6 months ago
  • Ice Cream Lovers Ice Cream Lovers This couple sure loves ice cream! Can you prepare them for their ice cream date? DressUp 6 months ago
  • Pregnant Angela Baby Room Decor Pregnant Angela Baby Room Decor Angela is Pregnant! And she wants to decorate the baby room already, because she knows the baby is coming soon! Let's help her! DressUp 6 months ago
  • Shopping Mall Makeover Shopping Mall Makeover Shopping Mall Makeover is the latest entry into the world of makeover games. Your best friend, Marie, got hired to completely redesign the old mall in your town. But look at this mess! Marie desperately needs help and you, as her best friend, are there to help her! She needs help with cleaning, repairs and redesign of the shoe and clothing store, and the perfumery and cafeteria also need some rework. Get rid of the rubbish, cobwebs, and use your toolbox to make everything new and pretty again! Then choose the right furniture to make all the shops as inviting as possible. If you don?t like the result - don?t worry, you can always come back to any room and change the decor and get a better score! Play Shopping Mall Makeover now for free and show all your friends your design skills! DressUp 6 months ago
  • Three Kids Cesarian Birth Three Kids Cesarian Birth Barbara and Mike are going to become parents. WOW! Barbara is pregnant with three babies! No way she can give them birth by herself. So doctor decided to make a cesarian birth. And he needs your assistance. DressUp 6 months ago
  • Cleopatra Gives Birth Into Water Cleopatra Gives Birth Into Water Cleopatra is the most beautiful princess all over antient Egypt. And pregnancy make her even more amazing. But it's time to give birth to a baby. And princess want to make everything right. Help her maids to give her a massage, and be near, when baby decided to get born. Have fun! DressUp 6 months ago
  • Baby Barbie Lice Attack Baby Barbie Lice Attack Baby Barbie has been infected with lice, can you help her to get rid of them? DressUp 6 months ago
  • Crescent Pizza Pockets Crescent Pizza Pockets If you want a quick snack, you can always whip up these pizza crossovers in just twenty minutes. Just chop up some fresh vegetables, stir them together with the right Italian herbs and spices, then roll them up into a flakey baked biscuit for a quick and easy pizza recipe! DressUp 6 months ago
  • Movie Munchies Movie Munchies Popcorn, soda, and chocolate covered everything! The best part about the movies is the snacks! Help out Mary Lou and her cashier Doris as they manage a busy Drive In movie theater! Serve customers, buy supplies, upgrade your theater and have fun! DressUp 6 months ago
  • Kitchen Restaurant Clean Up Kitchen Restaurant Clean Up Keeping your restaurant clean and tidy is important especially when you are serving and cooking for guests! With the Kitchen Restaurant Clean-up game you can really challenge yourself and have your kitchen looking its best ready for passing any inspection. With this cleaning game you can test your skills and race against the clock to clean everything up before your guests arrive. Good luck! DressUp 6 months ago
  • A Complete Breakfast A Complete Breakfast It's tough to start your day without a complete breakfast. Get all the energy you need to start your day with this nutritious, delicious, and yummy breakfast. Cover your plate in syrup or load up on coffee and juice. Whatever you like in the morning, you can have it all at this breakfast table! DressUp 6 months ago
  • Tina Swimming Pool Spa Tina Swimming Pool Spa It's a beautiful summer day and you have to take care of Tina, to help her look perfect! First, you must take care that her face and body look great, applying further treatments, and then you will find a suitable makeup for her, involving hair color and other methods of beautification. Finally you find the perfect outfit for her to look amazing. Good luck and have fun! DressUp 6 months ago
  • Princess Cinderella Messy Room Princess Cinderella Messy Room Can you help Cinderella to clean the whole room? She made a total mess of it! DressUp 6 months ago
  • Emo Social Emo Social Don't just sit there like a bump on the log! Get up and move! Let this cute emo scenster take you by the hand and show you how to dance to any song. Punk, hip-hop, or dubstep! She'll jump onto the dance floor and bust a move in an instant! DressUp 6 months ago
  • Smart Classroom Clean Up Smart Classroom Clean Up Can you find all the items to clean the class and make sure it's all neat and fine! DressUp 6 months ago
  • Sweet gummy candy Sweet gummy candy Gummy candy are awesome and tasty. I love them specialy when they are with differents colors. Make your own gummy yourself with this good cooking game. DressUp 6 months ago
  • Wiz Dog Quiz Wiz Dog Quiz What kind of dog are you? Find out in this cute quiz! Pick the jewellery you like the most and your dog will end up wearing that! DressUp 6 months ago
  • Swimming with Mom Swimming with Mom Take a relaxing swim with your favorite person in the whole world. Wether its at the beach or a local pool you can be sure that you'll have the time of your life with mom as you ride the waves and soak up the sun. DressUp 6 months ago
  • Real Chemistry Real Chemistry It's just her luck to get paired with the most handsome lab partner in the building! But the life of a scientist requires hypotheses, experimentation, and observation. So if she already blushes when he walks in the room, what would happen if they share a kiss? DressUp 6 months ago
  • Beauty's Rock Baroque Real Makeover Beauty's Rock Baroque Real Makeover Beauty has gotten tired of all the stuffy typical princess dresses, and she's decided to play around with a more eccentric style, Rock Baroque. Join Beauty in her morning cleansing and make up routine, and then choose a cool and edgy new look for her! DressUp 6 months ago
  • Cooking Chicken Teriyaki Cooking Chicken Teriyaki Time to learn how to cook the tastiest Chicken Teriyaki dish from Japan. This Asian style chicken is super tasty and melts in your mouth. Chop up your ingredients then start the cooking process. Do exactly what the game tells you to do to cook the Chicken Teriyaki to perfection. DressUp 6 months ago
  • Saturday Night Makeover Saturday Night Makeover It's Saturday night and this girl wants to go out. Can you help her by finding a cute outfit for her? DressUp 6 months ago
  • Princess Cinderella Foot Care Princess Cinderella Foot Care Princess Cinderella leads a happy life after marrying a kind prince of her kind. She suffered a lot because of her step-mother and jealous step sisters. Now she has a probleem with her feet, can you take care of them? DressUp 6 months ago
  • Ariel Juice Box Ariel Juice Box Ariel has decided to open her own juice stand! Decorate the place and start selling! Every princess and superhero will want a nice juice box! DressUp 6 months ago
  • Ariel's Closet Ariel's Closet Collecting things from above the sea is Ariel's favorite past time, but she always seems to lose them, will you help her out? Search every corner of Ariel's room to find the missing objects so she can get dressed up for an underwater party. Pick an elegant gown for the mermaid princess and accessorize with the finest pearls to complete the quest. DressUp 6 months ago
  • Princesses Intense School Cleanup Princesses Intense School Cleanup Moana and Ariel organized the annual school prom which was a success! Everyone had a great time and the girls were happy to see that their work was appreciated. After the prom though, the school is a mess. And now comes the not so fun part of their work, the cleanup. DressUp 6 months ago
  • Bake My Valentine Cookies Bake My Valentine Cookies Want to bake something delicious for your Valentine this year? Oh, my! These sugar cookies are soft and sweet with a pink heart frosting that will strike truer than any of Cupid's arrows! Bake these fresh cookies and had them out to build a lovely bouquet of treats, sweets, and fresh flowery kisses! DressUp 6 months ago
  • Heavenly Sweet Donuts Heavenly Sweet Donuts In this tasty time management game you are the owner of a cute little donut shop. Deep-fry donuts, add glaze and decoration, and serve your customers the heavenly delicious treats as fast as you can. Unlock new donuts and decoration items the more you progress and make sure to earn enough cash to meet your daily goals. Bon appetit! DressUp 6 months ago
  • Ariel Baby Wash Ariel Baby Wash Ariel has to help her little baby girl get ready for school! Let's help Ariel! DressUp 6 months ago
  • Elsa Jacuzzi Celebration Elsa Jacuzzi Celebration Elsa needs your help to get ready for a romantic night with Jack Frost in the jacuzzi. Apply beauty spa treatments on her skin and hair, then start decorating the jacuzzi with colorful lights, ribbons and delicious treats. Once the party starts, make a toast, pop some balloons, dance to the beat and our favourite couple will be having the time of their lives. DressUp 6 months ago
  • Rainbow Pony Rainbow Pony Yes! Unicorns are real! And this cute unicorn herder has an entire ranch to prove it! Dress up these adorable creatures and polish their horns for the doting public to come by to show their doubting friends! DressUp 1 month ago
  • Sara's Cooking Class Owl Cake Sara's Cooking Class Owl Cake Welcome to another episode of Sara's Cooking Class, the best place on the web to learn how to cook delicious meals! Put on your favorite apron and get ready to prepare a delicious holiday treat. This owl cake is the perfect cake for all of your Halloween festivities. Gather all of the ingredients to prepare for this fun online cooking game for kids. Once you have all of the ingredients, follow the instructions and stick to the recipe to bake this delicious owl cake. Each level is timed, so hurry up and follow the indicated steps to earn points. Make few mistakes and bake the cake quickly to earn a high score. Challenge yourself and see just how quickly you can produce this fantastic holiday dessert! DressUp 6 months ago
  • Teen Girl Room Clean Up Teen Girl Room Clean Up This girl made a total mess of her college dorm room and now it needs a serious clean up. Can you clean up her room and make sure it looks all clean again? DressUp 1 month ago
  • Princess Unique Wedding Planner Princess Unique Wedding Planner Every girl wants her wedding to be unique and unforgettable. But Ariel is a lucky girl, because of her bestie, Elsa, is a wedding planner! It's time to make this special day truly exceptional! But, there's a lot of work to do. First of all, the design of the wedding invitation. Then, make a perfect look for our bride. Dresses, hairstyle, shoes, and of course don't forget about pretty bridesmaids! Do your best to make the best look! DressUp 6 months ago
  • Magical Pet Maker Magical Pet Maker In this fun Magical Pet Maker game we invite you to create your favorite little animal, be it a kitty, a puppy, a bunny, a pony, or even a baby dragon! Play around and experiment with hybrid animals! Create your dream pet now, and have fun! DressUp 6 months ago
  • Tattoo Formal Tattoo Formal Dress up for an eastern inspired henna tattoo fashion formal complete with turbans, traditional gowns, and styles from around the globe! DressUp 1 month ago
  • Baby Hazel Bed Time Baby Hazel Bed Time It is Baby Hazel's bed time routine! First thing before sleeping is hygiene care. Brush her teeth and give her a shower. Then you need to make a bed for her. Tell her favorite bed time story until she drifts off to sleep. Baby Hazel may wake up in the middle of her sleep. Be with her and soothe her with lullabies, lovely lessons, and kisses. DressUp 6 months ago
  • Exotic Style Spa Exotic Style Spa This girl wants to go for a exotic style today, can you help her with creating this look? Give her a nice facial makeover, a cute hairstyle and much more! She will be really happy! DressUp 6 months ago
  • Baby Hazel Thanksgiving Fun Baby Hazel Thanksgiving Fun Hurray! Baby Hazel and family have decided to celebrate Thanksgiving Day at her grandparents? home. Help Baby Hazel to get ready for the celebrations by dressing her up in festive costume and accessories. Enjoy fun-filled activities with Hazel at Thanksgiving Day parade. Finally, join Hazel and her family for Thanksgiving dinner. DressUp 6 months ago
  • Summer Fling Summer Fling What a beautiful sunset! But unfortunately, that only means your dream vacation is coming to a close. You and your boyfriend are both looking so beautiful and so handsome in your cute swimsuit and trunks. The only thing that would make this fleeting moment better would be a soft kiss on the lips. Let him know you care about him with a sensuous kiss as the sun's rays dip below the horizon. DressUp 6 months ago
  • Ballerina Legs Treatment Ballerina Legs Treatment Can you help this ballerina with taking care of her legs? DressUp 6 months ago
  • Stick Pou Adventures Stick Pou Adventures Pou is on stick-tastic adventures! DressUp 6 months ago
  • Rapunzel Birth Care Rapunzel Birth Care Rapunzel in pregnant and today is her delivery date. Take care of Rapunzel and make sure she has a safe delivery. Are you ready? DressUp 6 months ago
  • Messy Fridge Clean Up Messy Fridge Clean Up A fridge is the most common household thing. We use the fridge for preserving drinks, foods and vegetables that we use every day. So, it your duty to keep the fridge neat and clean always only then the things inside it will remain fresh. In this online cleaning game, you can see a messy fridge in the worst possible condition. Will you clean it up as you do with your fridge at home? Clean up and arrange the items properly! Have fun playing this fridge cleaning game, girls! DressUp 6 months ago
  • Tattoo Designs Salon Tattoo Designs Salon You love tattoos? Then you will love this game! Create some really lovely tattoo's on your clients! DressUp 6 months ago
  • Top Burger Top Burger Manage a top burger shop and cook the burgers to satisfy with the needs of customers. The game is simple and easy to operate. How fast can you cook? DressUp 6 months ago
  • Winter Olympics Snowboarder Girl Winter Olympics Snowboarder Girl Now that the seasons are changing once again, it's time to start preparing for the exciting Winter Olympics. These fun Olympic games aren't for everyone. Only truly qualified athletes are invited to participate in these amazing games. That's why this awesome girl is training hard every day, so that she can compete in this incredible international event. Today she's going to hit the slopes to work on her snowboarding skills. But she wants to stand out from the other snowboarders on the mountain, and she figures wearing a fashionable snow suit will be the perfect way to get noticed. Browse the wide selection of colorful snow gear and choose the outfit you think looks best in this fun dress up game for girls. Thanks to you, she's sure to get the attention she deserves! DressUp 6 months ago
  • Kiss in the Airplane Kiss in the Airplane The co-pilot and stewardess are in love, but they can't let the passengers see their passionate romance. Sneak kisses without getting caught! Be careful because you both might lose your jobs. Otherwise pass out the peanuts and avoid turbulence in this hot kissing game. DressUp 6 months ago
  • Tattoo shop spa salon Tattoo shop spa salon Tattoos are a way of expressing yourself and allows you to choose from some amazing pictures that you can carry with you for the rest of your life.With this tattoo spa salon you get to choose a tattoo, select where on the body it will be placed, draw the tattoo on some sketch paper, before adding the glue to the skin. DressUp 6 months ago
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