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  • Elsa and Jack Become Parents Elsa and Jack Become Parents Great news in Arendelle! Elsa is going to become a mommy! Jack Frost, her husband, is so happy about it. Go shopping with your beloved couple and make shure that they will be the most beautiful parents at the whole kingdom! DressUp 5 months ago
  • Valentine's Day Party Cleanup Valentine's Day Party Cleanup You had a huge valentine's party, but now you need to clean up the mess. Good luck! DressUp 5 months ago
  • Natural Nail Salon Natural Nail Salon Stop wearing those heavy gloves! It might be a little cold, but you'll want to show off your glam and fab nails this fall. Accessorize your fashionable fingernails with some cool bracelets and royal crown rings. Whether you're heading to a wedding or just shopping for some new stylish threads, you'll love these sparkling nails! DressUp 2 weeks ago
  • Injured Rapunzel Injured Rapunzel Rapunzel tried to escape the tower she was kept in to find true love. Unfortunately she didn't knew how tall the building was and she fell of the last meters until the ground. Now you must heal her to be healthy and follow her dreams, become a normal girl with true love! Be a doctor in this medical game and take care of poor Rapunzel. DressUp 5 months ago
  • My Little Pony Furry dressup My Little Pony Furry dressup Do you like My little pony?! Create your own human my little pony creator! Create your own Anthro! Be it a cute angel pony, or a badass super hero.. The options are unlimited! DressUp 5 months ago
  • Unicorn Cavalry Unicorn Cavalry She's on her way to save the world from the invading armies of goblins, ogres, and chauvinist knights! Fight for freedom in this illustrious fantasy worlds! DressUp 2 weeks ago
  • Baby Rapunzel Beauty Spa Baby Rapunzel Beauty Spa Baby Rapunzel Beauty Spa is a free online spa game for girls. Little baby Rapunzel dreams of becoming a beautiful princess some day. Certainly, she will make a fine princess and there is no doubt about it. Baby Rapunzel wants to prepare herself to grow up to be a gorgeous princess with the help of spa treatments. Little princess needs you to pamper her with spa creams and makeup to look like a shining star. Make the princess happy by fulfilling her wish. Have fun! DressUp 5 months ago
  • Newborn Baby Care Newborn Baby Care Welcome to the newborn baby nursery! It is your first day as a babysitter in the nursery and your job is to care for these newborn babies and make sure they are happy, healthy and clean. You will need to bathe, feed and play with these cute babies and also decorate their nursery. DressUp 5 months ago
  • Pet Hospital Doctor Pet Hospital Doctor Hello Doctor! There's three cute little patients waiting for you! Please do your best and make them feel better! DressUp 5 months ago
  • The Intern's Unicorn The Intern's Unicorn "Have it on my desk by 5." She's been asked to do someone else's job again, but Amanda's finally putting her hoof down with the help of her magical beast of corporation fascination! DressUp 5 months ago
  • Kiss in the Airplane Kiss in the Airplane The co-pilot and stewardess are in love, but they can't let the passengers see their passionate romance. Sneak kisses without getting caught! Be careful because you both might lose your jobs. Otherwise pass out the peanuts and avoid turbulence in this hot kissing game. DressUp 5 months ago
  • Mother to Be Mother to Be This fancy mother-to-be is enjoying the glow of pregnancy with a whole new wardrobe of shirts and tights! Dress to impress, and remember, you're styling for two now! DressUp 5 months ago
  • Pottery Store Pottery Store Help Emma to make beautiful vases for her customers. But you have to be fast, otherwise the customers will be disappointed and go! DressUp 5 months ago
  • Vampire Love Vampire Love He's a vampire, she's a victim and they are both dressed for eternal love. Elegant vintage or trendy chic. This couple knows how to wow everyone, living or dead. DressUp 5 months ago
  • Anna Frozen Pregnant Anna Frozen Pregnant The kingdom is so happy! They got great news! Anna from Frozen is pregnant and having a lowly child. Of course she still needs to look fabulous. Can you help her to dress up? DressUp 5 months ago
  • Finding Love Online Finding Love Online Don't you know who she is? She has been on multiple soaps in multiple roles, but it's a little bit difficult to find someone to date when people are falling in and out of comas, jumping out of airplanes, and faking their own deaths. Of course if she's lucky, she might find love online! DressUp 5 months ago
  • Princess Easter Egg Decoration Princess Easter Egg Decoration Easter is coming soon! Go and help the princess create beautiful easter eggs. And colour each one differently! DressUp 5 months ago
  • Bikini Dress Up Bikini Dress Up Can you dress up these 4 anime girls and give them a cute beach makeover? DressUp 2 weeks ago
  • Barbara Birthday Party Barbara Birthday Party Barbara is turning 18 today and she is happier than ever! Join the blonde fashionista. She's throwing a party and she could use a little help. You can decorate the cake together. Make it look colorful and girly. You have delicious toppings, edible ornaments and adorable cake toppers. Be creative and when the cake looks perfect you can pick Barbara's outfit. It has to be something sparkly! Take a look at all the clothing items. Complete Barbara's look by adding some girly accessories. She will impress everyone today! DressUp 5 months ago
  • Teen Girl Room Clean Up Teen Girl Room Clean Up This girl made a total mess of her college dorm room and now it needs a serious clean up. Can you clean up her room and make sure it looks all clean again? DressUp 5 months ago
  • Pregnant Elsa Baking Pancakes Pregnant Elsa Baking Pancakes Elsa is ready to practice her cooking skills and make a wonderful dessert for her family. Have fun with pregnant Elsa and prepare the ingredients for your recipe. Once you've got everything set, start cooking the fluffy pancakes then decorate them with the most delicious fruits and toppings. Now the queen and her family are ready to enjoy your wonderful dish! DressUp 5 months ago
  • My Dream Hospital My Dream Hospital My Dream Hospital is best emergency doctor simulator for all future doctors, nurses and surgeons. Start your medical career today and work at your dream job! Play doctor game with real surgery and operate now as a proper surgeon! DressUp 5 months ago
  • Cooking Delicious Cheese Cake Cooking Delicious Cheese Cake Let's cook some delicious cheesecake! DressUp 5 months ago
  • Summer Job Summer Job Graduation is right around the corner, and this cute senior wants to skip town with her friends so they can celebrate on the sandy beaches of California. But, after a recent shopping spree, her vacation fund is looking a bit empty. That's why she's decided to apply for jobs so that she can begin her professional career and afford her fabulous Summer vacation. She has an interview this afternoon, and she can't wait to get hired so that she can start saving right away. This is her first job ever, so she's not really sure what to wear. She could really use some help getting dressed up for her interview so that she can make a good impression on her potential new boss. So, browse the wide selection of chic hairstyles, fashionable clothes, stylish accessories and more, to create the perfect look for her job interview in this fun online dress up game for girls! DressUp 5 months ago
  • Baby Barbie Manga Costumes Baby Barbie Manga Costumes Join baby Barbie on a fun manga dress up adventure full of excitement and surprises. Check out her manga toys collection spread all over her messy bedroom. Can you help the cute girl find a few items hidden here and there? Where are the red rimmed glasses, kitty cat ears or the pink brush? DressUp 5 months ago
  • Princess Manga Maker Princess Manga Maker Dress up this lovely manga couple and give them some fine royal clothes! DressUp 5 months ago
  • Magical Girl Magical Girl Amber is such a lovely girl, but she has no idea how to put a magical outfit together. Can you help Amber by picking out a cute outfit for her? DressUp 5 months ago
  • Valentine Manga Maker Valentine Manga Maker Make your own little comic page in this cute Valentine Manga maker game! DressUp 5 months ago
  • Baked with Love Baked with Love Nobody knows that Rose's secret recipe for all of baking creations is icing sugar instead of white and just a pinch of love in every bite. DressUp 2 weeks ago
  • Crossing Guard Chic Crossing Guard Chic She has a traffic stopping smile that has nothing to do with her stop sign or radar gun! Style this chic public servant in elegant uniforms and traffic cop accessories. DressUp 2 weeks ago
  • Around the World: Winter Holidays Around the World: Winter Holidays Discover more about winter holidays in this new Around The World game. Have fun and help the girls decorate the rooms according to Solstice, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah and Christmas. After that you can play dress up with them, so they can look gorgeous for the holidays. DressUp 5 months ago
  • Sofia Make-Up Tutorial Sofia Make-Up Tutorial Sweet princess Sofia's ready to share with you some of her priceless skincare, haircare and make-up secrets in her new tutorial! So, seize the chance to get inspired by it, to learn all about her beauty regime if you, too, would love to... achieve a radiant, princess-like look! DressUp 5 months ago
  • Animals Car Salon Cleaning Animals Car Salon Cleaning After Coachella the cars are also pretty dirt. Pease make also this car clean again so it can be driven on the streets again. DressUp 5 months ago
  • Teen Girl Room Clean Up Teen Girl Room Clean Up This girl made a total mess of her college dorm room and now it needs a serious clean up. Can you clean up her room and make sure it looks all clean again? DressUp 2 weeks ago
  • Cooking Egg Bread Cooking Egg Bread Did you always wanted to make and eat your own egg bread? Mix all the ingredients, put the bread in the oven and you are ready! DressUp 5 months ago
  • Princess Alice Spa Day Princess Alice Spa Day Princess Alice Spa Day is the new exciting Facial and Dress up game. Here you have given the chance to beautify a princess in your Spa. Take all the important steps to make her face glow like a moon in-between stars. Once you complete the facial treatment she will be ready to dress up . She has to go for her Ball room party in the palace. So, dress up her with best prom dresses, give her wonder full hairstyles and Decorate her with excellent accessories from the wide range of costumes. DressUp 5 months ago
  • Makeover Slacking Makeover Slacking Sarah has just started her new job at the beauty and makeover salon! She was super excited to learn beauty tips and make up secrets from the experts but instead she's stuck on reception answering calls. Can Sarah sneak past her boss into the salon and slack with some spa treatments or will her career need a makeover? DressUp 5 months ago
  • Odd Graveyard Spirit Odd Graveyard Spirit She's an amazingly meditative witch with a chill attitude. The goal is to take this with to the next stage of her life. Spin up her magical powers to unlock even more interesting spells, exotic powers, and gothic fashion! DressUp 5 months ago
  • Barbie Princess High School Barbie Princess High School This semester is going to be a very special one for Barbie. No more ordinary school for her, she is going to a Princess High School! It's a special high school where girls are taught to become true princesses. They learn to walk, to talk and to dress with royal glamour. Join Barbie and her BFFs on their first lesson! DressUp 5 months ago
  • Love Bites Love Bites Til death do us part has a whole 'nother meaning for vampires. Until they figure out what the difference is exactly, keep them happy with cool vampire punk styles in their awesome gothic fortress! DressUp 5 months ago
  • Traditional Indian Wedding Traditional Indian Wedding Create an elaborate Indian wedding scene by choosing for the bride a beautiful detailed gown. The celebration will be a success! DressUp 5 months ago
  • Girl Style Vampire Girl Style Vampire Can you give this girl as scary look for Halloween? She would love to be a vampire! DressUp 2 weeks ago
  • Super Princess Mommy Super Princess Mommy We have the most amazing game for you in which you will take care of your favorite princesses, Rapunzel and Elsa. Both of them are about to become mommies! DressUp 5 months ago
  • Apple White Doll House Decor Apple White Doll House Decor Apple White has been invited to decor the dollhouse, can you help her? DressUp 5 months ago
  • Minion Cooking Banana Cake Minion Cooking Banana Cake Help our cute little minion with baking a banana cake! DressUp 5 months ago
  • Sara's Cooking Class Owl Cake Sara's Cooking Class Owl Cake Welcome to another episode of Sara's Cooking Class, the best place on the web to learn how to cook delicious meals! Put on your favorite apron and get ready to prepare a delicious holiday treat. This owl cake is the perfect cake for all of your Halloween festivities. Gather all of the ingredients to prepare for this fun online cooking game for kids. Once you have all of the ingredients, follow the instructions and stick to the recipe to bake this delicious owl cake. Each level is timed, so hurry up and follow the indicated steps to earn points. Make few mistakes and bake the cake quickly to earn a high score. Challenge yourself and see just how quickly you can produce this fantastic holiday dessert! DressUp 5 months ago
  • Clawdeen Wolf Toilet Decor Clawdeen Wolf Toilet Decor Clawdeen from monster high loves to decorate things. This time she is going to decorate her bathroom, can you help her? Start by decoration the toilet! DressUp 5 months ago
  • Santa's House Makeover Santa's House Makeover It's Christmas time and Santa is so busy wrapping up the gifts for all the kids around the world. He will deliver them all very soon and his little helpers need to clean up the house and decorate it in preparation for his return! DressUp 5 months ago
  • Club Sandwich Club Sandwich You are a sandwich restaurant at the festival Coachella. So many people are going to come and want to eat your famous sandwiches. You have to be fast otherwise you will lose your customers. DressUp 5 months ago
  • The Wild Bride The Wild Bride This wild bride shows her true colors with daring tattoos and too cute unique wedding gowns and veils. Style her for the wedding of her dreams. DressUp 5 months ago
  • Construction Chic Construction Chic A twist of sass and a dash of heavy-duty tools turn this construction chic gal into a fashion model on the work site. DressUp 2 weeks ago
  • Room Makeover - Marie's Girl Games Room Makeover - Marie's Girl Games Have you ever dreamed of owning a house and turning it step by step into your home? In Room Makeover this dream became reality. You bought an old and cozy house but it needs some renovating before it is truly your place. Once you cleaned every room and fixed the broken stuff you will be surprised how much more welcoming this old house is. To make the rooms fit your needs and wishes even better you can finally change the furniture as well as the wallpapers. Now let?s stop talking - take a sponge, a hammer and paint roller and get to work! You can play Room Makeover for free! DressUp 5 months ago
  • Muffins Magic Muffins Magic Theres nothing more delicious then a fresh baked one of a kind colorful and candied up muffin! You bring the magic with your choice of candies, fruits, chocolates and frosting... Yum yum! DressUp 5 months ago
  • Steak Tacos Steak Tacos Mix the ingredients, grill the steak, wrap everything up in a tortilla, and chow down on these great steak tacos! DressUp 5 months ago
  • Christmas Gifts Clean Up Christmas Gifts Clean Up Clean up the room after the christmas eve as fast as you can! DressUp 5 months ago
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