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  • Little Pony Bike Racing report Little Pony Bike Racing Fun Bike racing game between Twilight and Applejack. Choose your favorite character, help her keep balance, through rugged mountain, collect all candy, complete all challenges levels! Mafa 3 months ago
  • Ice Cream Slacking report Ice Cream Slacking I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! It's a hot summer and Sarah has got a job serving delicious ice cream in her own ice cream van. It's too hot to work though, and Sarah would sooner keep all the ice cream for herself. Can Sarah keep her cool? Mafa 3 months ago
  • Masha Tic-tac-toe report Masha Tic-tac-toe Play the classic Tic Tac Toe with Masha and Bear. This entertaining game has the option to play with one player or against a friend of yours, show that you are the best. Mafa 3 months ago
  • Hello Kitty Messy Swimming Pool report Hello Kitty Messy Swimming Pool Hello kitty is going to throw a party to her neighbours. It is going to take place in the swimming pool that is at the back of the house. Hello kitty along with her mom is preparing food for the guests. The servants are busy decorating the entrance. The family needs your help. The swimming pool looks very dirty. You are requested to clean the place before the time runs out. The guests are on the way to the party. Clean up the place as fast as you can. Pick up the waste items and place them in the garbage. Once you are done with the cleaning join the girl and make the food delicious. Give a spring cleaning to the pool. We presume that you can do wonders. It is already time. Start off the work. Mafa 3 months ago
  • Angry Birds Ultimate Battle report Angry Birds Ultimate Battle After the king of the bad piggies gets a mysterious treasure,the bad piggies become rage and frenzy.They attack and occupy the nest of the angry birds.The Red birds are shoot down by bad piggies in the war. Mafa 3 months ago
  • Forgotten Hill Memento Love Beyond report Forgotten Hill Memento Love Beyond Forgotten Hill Memento Love Beyond dress up Mafa 3 months ago
  • Fantasy Hotel report Fantasy Hotel Fantasy Hotel is a fun hotel management simulation game for girls. Pamper your customers with 5-star service! Mafa 3 months ago
  • Pony Dental Care report Pony Dental Care Our cute pink pony needs to visit a dentist,it will be his first visit to a dental cabinet.The dentist will help him recover and have healthy teeth again.Take care of pinkie pony teeth. Mafa 3 months ago
  • Pregnant Sparkle Check Up report Pregnant Sparkle Check Up Our cute Twilight Sparkle is pregnant now!She needs to have a baby check up. Help the doctor check her up and care for her and the baby! Mafa 3 months ago
  • Perfect Date report Perfect Date Perfect dates don't just happen. You have to make a plan to woo that man! Mafa 3 months ago
  • Ice Mermaid Hair Salon report Ice Mermaid Hair Salon It's hair pampering time girls! And this is not an ordinary salon as it's placed deep under the sea, in a stunning underwater ice palace. As you know mermaids have amazing long hair so all these hair care and styling steps are so fun to follow. Use also your creativity to accessorize and dress up our beautiful mermaid on your taste! Mafa 3 months ago
  • Dual Kiss 2 report Dual Kiss 2 At the public party, make the young guy to kiss both the girls without noticed by the other. Remember! Make the guy to kiss without getting noticed, as otherwise you will lose the game. Click the girl to whom you want to kiss. Fill the kiss loader within the time duration to move further levels. Mafa 3 months ago
  • The Boyfriend Trainer report The Boyfriend Trainer Such bad habits, this boyfriend! Catch him in the act and teach him to be good! Mafa 3 months ago
  • Disco Flirt report Disco Flirt Impress the ladies with your smooth moves and fine flirting!Shower the girl with presents and flashy bling to get her up on the dance floor. Bust a move and if you're lucky, you might just score a kiss!Hint: Watch the flirt meter to see the gifts and dance moves that impress her most! Mafa 3 months ago
  • Dentist Fear 2 report Dentist Fear 2 Do you have a fear of a dentist? If yes, you are not the only one. With dentist fear 2 you can choose the person of your choice and take care of your teeth properly. Make sure to kill the multiple bacteria too. Mafa 3 months ago
  • Briar Beauty's Weekend Outfit report Briar Beauty's Weekend Outfit Briar Beauty will go out to join a party this weekend, help her try some different outfits and choose the best one. You can make her more attractive, have fun! Mafa 3 months ago
  • Knife Ninja report Knife Ninja Knife Ninja is a fun arcade game that can be played when you are bored. In this game, you can click on the screen, throw all the knives hit with the tomatoes, and avoid the other knives in the process. There are a lot of levels here. Come and play. Mafa 2 weeks ago
  • Princess Christmas Wedding report Princess Christmas Wedding Princess Christmas Wedding Mafa 3 months ago
  • Frankie Stein Hair Salon report Frankie Stein Hair Salon Frankie is going for a party with her friends this evening. She has many friends in and around the house. The reason behind is that she always looks at the positive-side of people. Even if the attitude of people doesnt please her, she would always encourage them do good things. The friends of the girl have gone to the beauty parlour to get themselves adorned to have a gorgeous look. Frankie has no clue of what to do. She will arrive to your beauty parlour within few minutes. Wash the hair of the girl using the expensive shampoo. After that, rinse it off thoroughly. Add different look to the lass with your elegant hairdos. See what suits the lady and according to that proceed further. Wind up the session adorning the girl with the pretty outfit. Frankie is very much obliged for your great help. Mafa 3 months ago
  • Beauty and Unicorn report Beauty and Unicorn The beautiful girl and unicorn is going to picnic, please dress up the girl to make her have a good mood to play with unicorn in the outside. Now, choose beautiful clothers and accessories to makeover her! Mafa 3 months ago
  • Fairy and the Unicorn Dressup report Fairy and the Unicorn Dressup The fairy is preparing to go for a walk with her unicorn but she doesn't know what dress she should wear. Can you help her? Mafa 3 months ago
  • Multiplayer 8-ball report Multiplayer 8-ball Are you good at 8-ball? How about playing against hundreds of people online? That's what you can do on Multiplayer 8-Ball! Mafa 3 months ago
  • Super Marshmallow Kingdom report Super Marshmallow Kingdom The king of marshmallow empire sics his folks on you because you ate his lover. Try to survive the war in Super Marshmallow Kingdom by dodging all enemies and hazards wave by wave. Arrows to Move / Jump. Mafa 3 months ago
  • Bake Colorful Cupcakes report Bake Colorful Cupcakes Make a colorful batch of cupcakes that will brighten up anyone's day. It requires more time and effort than normal than the boring normal cupcakes. Who doesn't like cupcakes? This cupcake recipe is absolutely delicious, and also colorful and fun, because it will make you fell more joyful when decorating with beautiful flowers on top of this insane mouthful of sweet heavenly dessert. Enjoy making them as well as tasting them! Happy Cooking! Mafa 3 months ago
  • First Date Prep Facial report First Date Prep Facial This beautiful girl is going on her first date with a handsome boy tonight at a cafe and she needs to get ready for it so that she will look amazing. Would you like to help for her make up and her outfits to impress her first date. So let's start with some facia treatments then dress up her with nice outfits and do her a nice make up. Have fun! Mafa 3 months ago
  • Run Bolt Run report Run Bolt Run Help Bolt rescue Penny. Mafa 3 months ago
  • Makeover Studio - Princess report Makeover Studio - Princess How would an ancient princess look like today to you? In our latest makeover studio game you must transform a princess into a modern classy cinderella. You must create a new outfit, choose a nice hairdo and apply some lovely new make-up. Have fun! Mafa 3 months ago
  • Cake Master report Cake Master Have fun creating delicious and colorful cakes! Mafa 3 months ago
  • Pregnant Cleo De Nile Baby Shopping report Pregnant Cleo De Nile Baby Shopping Cleo De Nile wants to organize a baby shower for her baby and she needs to make some shopping. She has a list of items that are necessary for the party and you need to help her find them and place the in the shopping cart. Follow the instructions and make Cleo happy. Have fun! Mafa 3 months ago
  • Making Delicious Ice Cream report Making Delicious Ice Cream Hi girls. Do you like ice cream? I think you do, so today you can learn how to prepare a home made ice cream. First you should buy all the needed ingredients and then follow carefully the instructions to mix them as the recipe says. Finally the ice cream will be delicious. Enjoy! Use mouse to prepare the ice cream. Mafa 3 months ago
  • Masha Bubble Bath report Masha Bubble Bath Masha is very dirty and she needs a nice bubbly bath. Can you help her get clean? Follow the steps and use the scented shampoo and soap to make lots of bubbles for Masha s bath. Add some flowers and some toys and Masha will be very happy. Next dry her hair and comb it before you dress her up in a cute outfit. Enjoy! Mafa 3 months ago
  • From Ugly To Pretty report From Ugly To Pretty This girl is in love with a boy in her class, but he does not pay her any attention. She deemed herself not beautiful and very shy. Help our heroine to transform from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan! Mafa 3 months ago
  • Wiz Dog Quiz report Wiz Dog Quiz Play a brand new and challenging game in which you can play a very cool slot machine and find out a cool Wiz Dog name for your dog! It's a magical slot machine as you might have imagined! I hope you are ready to begin this amazing quiz. You will receive questions with three different answers. Answer with the option that applies to you and click the slot machine handle to trigger the next question. Mafa 3 months ago
  • Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks Meets Disney report Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks Meets Disney Hey Ladies, if you would go to a Disney party, which Disney Princess would you be? Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle are going to have a busy weekend because they are going on two events on the same day. In this Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks Meets Disney game you need to help them prep up their outfits. First, the Equestria girls are going to go to a Rock concert and then to a Disney Party. Mafa 3 months ago
  • Ice Cream Factory report Ice Cream Factory You have been hired in an ice cream factory and you are in charge of the whole production. Across levels, you must create different flavors of ice creams. Be careful because the recipes will differ a little from previous. Mafa 3 months ago
  • Coconut Ice Cream report Coconut Ice Cream Summer is here and there's nothing more refreshing and delicios than ice cream. Today you will make yourself a delicious coconut flavored icecream. But first you need to go to the market to buy all the ingredients. Unfortunately it seems they are out of milk! So, you'd better hurry to a nearby Farm House to get fresh milk, only after you feed the cow yourself! That will be an outstanding experience! After that all you need to do is return to your kitchen and start cooking according to the recipe. It's the easiest recipe ever! Have fun! Mafa 3 months ago
  • Rapunzel Skin Doctor report Rapunzel Skin Doctor Oh no, Rapunzel ate poisoned blueberries and she needs a doctor right away! Her face is all red and swollen, what can you do? Take part in this adventure and try to find the best cure for her skin problems. Use fun tools to get rid of the pimples and allergies, you even have a magnifying glass that will help you. Mafa 3 months ago
  • Picture Quiz report Picture Quiz Join Picture Quiz.You can see three different pictures every level and find out the meaning so that you can know the answer word soon. Have fun. Mafa 3 months ago
  • Pou Ice Cream Decoration report Pou Ice Cream Decoration Choose the ingredients and the decorating items you prefer to make the best ice cream treats ever! Mafa 3 months ago
  • Princess Sweater Weather 2 report Princess Sweater Weather 2 Autumn is coming, these princesses are planning to go out to play, but they don't know what to dress, can you help them decide dresses can make them warm and beautiful? Mafa 3 months ago
  • Naughty Hotel report Naughty Hotel How naughty will you get! Mafa 3 months ago
  • Titans Most Wanted report Titans Most Wanted Titans Most Wanted Team up as Robin, Cyborg, Raven, Starfire and Beast Boy for a tactical RPG battle in Titans Most Wanted. The world's most dangerous villains have flocked to Jump City for the annual Crime Convention. With scoundrels lurking around every corner, the Titans have their work cut out for them. Robin couldn't be more excited! He's been waiting all year for his chance to play Bad Guy Bingo. If the Titans can KO the HIVE Five, Dr. Light, Plasmus, Mother Mae Eye, and Trigon in one day, they'll break Batman's world record. Mafa 3 months ago
  • Skater Girl report Skater Girl Skater Girl dress up Mafa 3 months ago
  • Iris Lolirock Skin Care report Iris Lolirock Skin Care Our last game with Lolirock is an caring game where you have to meet Iris, the most beautiful girl from Lolirock Team. As you see, Iris have some problems on her face and this is the reason why we have bring it in our skin treatments games. First you have to wash her face, then you have to put some moisturizer to her face and in ten you can give her an injection to reduce the wrinkles. Mafa 3 months ago
  • Inside Out Style report Inside Out Style Hi, girls, let's try different Inside Out styles in this makeup and dress up game. Have fun! Mafa 3 months ago
  • Cooking Fruit Ice Cream report Cooking Fruit Ice Cream It's summer, it's hot and what we really need right now is a fruity ice cream. So get your favorite fruits and start playing. But be careful not to cut your fingers, while cutting them. Mix them well in the blender and add whipped cream. The fun part always comes last: start decorating! Have fun and enjoy it! Mafa 3 months ago
  • Word Search Gameplay 4 - Cards report Word Search Gameplay 4 - Cards Search and cross the words out of the board. Mafa 3 months ago
  • Night Prom report Night Prom Night Prom Mafa 3 months ago
  • Betty Boop Dress Up report Betty Boop Dress Up Dress up Betty Boop, the sexiest cartoon character out there. Make her walk all over the guys! Mafa 3 months ago
  • Big Family report Big Family Dress up Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Mafa 3 months ago
  • Pregnant Elsa Quiz report Pregnant Elsa Quiz Our beautiful pregnant teacher Elsa will teach you today about the characters from the beloved Frozen movie. Pay attention and choose the correct answer to get the greatest score, color Olaf as nice as you can and solve the puzzle in order to reveal a nice picture with the Frozen characters. Test your knowledge and be the greatest student in order to make Elsa a proud teacher. Mafa 3 months ago
  • Barbie Stylish Mommy To Be report Barbie Stylish Mommy To Be Let's help Barbie pick a cute dress for today's walk in the park. Mafa 3 months ago
  • 3 Awesome Photoshoots For Princess report 3 Awesome Photoshoots For Princess Ariel decided to change her profession and become a supermodel! Can you help her? She needs 3 awesome photoshoots to become the cover of high fashion magazine. There are 3 styles for you to choose: sweet casual, dark street and fashionista. Choose the most fashionable and nice dress for her. Enjoy 3 Awesome Photoshoots For Princess! Mafa 3 months ago
  • Belle's Transformation report Belle's Transformation Barbie has a crush. But she always stays in the study room,she can't win the heart of the boy. Disney girls came up a good idea. Belle needs a makeover. Help barbie from a facial routine and dress her like a beautiful girl. Have fun playing Belle's Transformation! Mafa 3 months ago
  • Naughty Boyfriend report Naughty Boyfriend Do naughty things while you are with girlfriend.Yes seduce other girl without getting noticed by girlfriend and other people. Mafa 3 months ago
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