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  • Little Big Snake Little Big Snake Play Little Big Snake - Grow to be the biggest snake in the jungle in Little Big Snake (.io). MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Rise of Mythos Rise of Mythos Play Rise of Mythos - Battle monsters out of myth in this trading card MMO! MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Microgravity is a space game with RTS and shooter mechanics. Your goal as a space pilot is to dominate the universe and build your civilization. Collect resources to build structures on your planet. Defend your planet by building defenses. Build weapons to take over other players' planets. Tips: - Collect resources from asteroids and mines. - Build cities to supply labor to man factories and mines. - Build factories to collect unique weapons. - Build cities and destroy players to gain points to upgrade your player. - Mines and factories will not work without resources or citizens to run them. - Join alliances to conquer other planets together. - Watch out for planets' limited resources and citizens. Each planet has different amounts of resources available. MiniClip 1 month ago
  • Fat Cat Fat Cat Play Fat Cat - Get the Cat safely through the levels. MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Nat Geo Animal Jam Nat Geo Animal Jam Play Nat Geo Animal Jam - Become your favorite animals and play games in Animal Jam! MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Winter Bow Master Winter Bow Master Play Winter Bow Master - Hit all targets before the time runs out! MiniClip 2 months ago
  • 60 Seconds Burger Run 60 Seconds Burger Run Your favourite burger restaurant closes in 60 seconds. Can you make it in time for one last burger? MiniClip 1 month ago
  • Retro Unicorn Attack Retro Unicorn Attack Play Retro Unicorn Attack - Journey all the way through the kingdom of wonders, with retro graphics it is funky yet fabulous! MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Tribe Tribe Play Tribe - Compete in the rituals to become the new chief of the tribe. MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Online Instant Soccer Online Instant Soccer Play Online Instant Soccer - Physics based multiplayer soccer game with without rules. MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Fist of Awesome Fist of Awesome FIST OF AWESOME asks the eternal question "what would happen if bears took over the world?" and answers it with the epic tale of a lumberjack travelling through time punching bears in the face to save humanity. MiniClip 1 month ago
  • Arctic Drift Arctic Drift Play Arctic Drift - Use the drift to build up boost and speed ahead of your opponent in this arctic race. MiniClip 2 months ago
  • War Wings War Wings Play War Wings - War Wings, the most competitive WWII aerial dogfight game ever! Destroy enemy squadrons and climb global PvP leaderboards! MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Aqua Energizer Aqua Energizer Play Aqua Energizer - Help Aqua solve the underwater puzzles. MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Play, a modern blend of the classic Tron lightcycles and snake games, but against real players this time! You start small, but you still can fight the biggest competitors with your skills! Hunt for glowing orbs to grow larger, trap others while avoiding getting trapped yourself, be smart with your strategy, and make your way to the top of the leaderboard! Also available for free on iPhone and iPad devices. MiniClip 1 month ago
  • Easter Season Easter Season It's in our nature to provide you with the most amazing and addictive games! Want to be part of our Miniclip Celebration? Download the following games on your mobile to access the special bundles and check out what Lunar New Year fun we have planned for you! MiniClip 1 month ago
  • Pongis Pongis PONGIS is a simple and addictive ball game. MiniClip 1 month ago
  • Icy Slicy Icy Slicy Play Icy Slicy - Several critters have gotten frozen and they need your help to cut them out! MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Jet Defender Jet Defender Play Jet Defender - Defend the base with your Jet Fighter at all cost. MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Revenge of the Kid Revenge of the Kid Play Revenge of the Kid - Go on a Wild West journey of revenge and redemption, take out your old, good for nothing gang, and take back what's yours! MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Monster Golf Monster Golf Play Monster Golf - Complete all the holes in as few shots as possible. MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Railroad Rampage Railroad Rampage Play Railroad Rampage - Stop the express being taken by the Outlaws! MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Gare Gare Play Gare - Gare is all about awesome action and upgrading your robot with cool addons. MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Foodimals Match Game Foodimals Match Game Play Foodimals Match Game - The foodimals are on the loose, match their character cards! MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Dune Buggy Dune Buggy Play Dune Buggy - Perform stunts to earn points! MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Papas Burgeria Papas Burgeria Play Papas Burgeria - Cook, stack and serve burgers to all your customers! MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Transmorpher Transmorpher Play Transmorpher - Shape-shift between the creatures to reach the exit in the laboratory. MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Facebook Login Error - Miniclip, Play Games Facebook Login Error - Miniclip, Play Games #0099FF name=msapplication-TileColor> MiniClip 2 months ago
  • On The Run Vegas On The Run Vegas Play On The Run Vegas - You are on the run in Vegas, you must lose the cops and deliver the documents! MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Zombie Breakout Zombie Breakout Play Zombie Breakout - Take out the BioZombies! MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Logicheck Logicheck Play Logicheck - Logicheck is a mind bending puzzle game, unravel the points to match the shapes! MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Turkey Run Turkey Run Play Turkey Run - Help Turkey escape his destiny and avoid being dinner. MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Cave FRVR Cave FRVR Play Cave FRVR - Defy gravity and risk virtual life and limb! MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Big Catch Big Catch Play Big Catch - Land as many fish as possible. Can you make the Big Catch? MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Crusaders of the Lost Idols Crusaders of the Lost Idols Play Crusaders of the Lost Idols - Crusaders of the Lost Idols is an idle game of heroic awesomeness! MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Mimelet Mimelet Play Mimelet - Mimelet can steal powers to overcome obstacles. MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Beach Soccer Beach Soccer Play Beach Soccer - Lead your team through the Beach Soccer tournament. MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Cartapult Cartapult Play Cartapult - Cartapult your vehicles into the city for maximum mayhem and destruction! MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Balance Balance Play Balance - Grab your racquet and head to the courts. How long can you last? MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Nano Recon Nano Recon Play Nano Recon - Guide Nano through the maze without hitting the walls. MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Headless Zombie Headless Zombie Play Headless Zombie - Use your head to help Carl find the evil wizard! MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Earn to Die Earn to Die Play Earn to Die - Plow through zombies - how far can you get? MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Zombie Derby Zombie Derby Play Zombie Derby - An apocalypse came, take the wheel and escape! Upgrade your car and race! MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Space Escape Space Escape Play Space Escape - Guide your space ship cross the obstacle filled courses. MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Garden Gnome Carnage Garden Gnome Carnage Play Garden Gnome Carnage - Don't let the gnomes climb up the chimney! MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Agent Freeride Agent Freeride Play Agent Freeride - Escape the criminal headquarters using hi-tech gadgets. MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Pro Kick Revolution Pro Kick Revolution Play Pro Kick Revolution - Will your team be the Pro Kick Revolution champions? MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Raceway 500 Raceway 500 Play Raceway 500 - Qualify in the races to reach the final! Choose your pit stop wisely, to replace tyres and fuel. MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Rocketman Rocketman Play Rocketman - Help Rocketman save his girlfriend from the evil robot's clutches. MiniClip 2 months ago
  • The Champions 4 The Champions 4 Play The Champions 4 - Conquer the world of football and lead your team to World Domination! MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Kingdom Rush Frontiers Kingdom Rush Frontiers Play Kingdom Rush Frontiers - Tap your troops through an epic (mis)adventure as you defend exotic lands from dragons, man-eating plants, and ghastly denizens of the underworld MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Stickman Stickman Play Stickman - Use your sword and defeat all the stickmen attacking you. MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Crossy Road Crossy Road Play Crossy Road - Crossy Road is the 8-bit endless arcade hopper. Collect custom characters and navigate freeways, railroads, rivers and much more. MiniClip 2 months ago
  • Beast Quest Beast Quest Play Beast Quest - Only your skill and bravery can bring peace to the Kingdom of Avantia - it's time to become a hero in BEAST QUEST! MiniClip 2 months ago
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