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  • Car Madness 2 Car Madness 2 Race Games addicts! What about a crazy combat with your friend? You reach the peaks of entertainment with this game. Why are you waiting for! Join the race. When game loads, you can join the tournament with "SEASON" button or you can start a unique race with "QUICK RACE" button. Moreover if you click on "QUICK RACE" button, you can choose the chapter you want to race. Game Controls: 1. PLAYER Move: "ARROW" Keys 2. PLAYER Move: "W,A,S,D" Keys 3. PLAYER Move: "I,J,K,L" Keys 4. PLAYER Move: "SHIFT,CTRL,ALT,SPACEBAR" Keys You can play with different modes included multiplayer mode, with "EXTRA" button on the main menu. When you complete the race, reach the finish, you are entitled to pass through a nes chapter. Good Luck. TwoPlayerGames 1 year ago
  • Skincraft Skincraft Have you ever wanted to create your own Minecraft game character? If you have wanted so, we are presenting a great opportunity with Minecraft Skin Creator game. At the beginning of the game you are going to select your character and then you are going to proceed the screen which you are going to prepare your character. You can prepare your character by using great options and then if you want you can save it to your computer as image. Come on, you create a character and share it with your friends! Game controls: "MOUSE" and "LEFT-CLICK" Have fun! TwoPlayerGames 10 months ago
  • Stickman Hook Stickman Hook Try to get the finish line with the stickman by holding the swing points. You can have more speed by jumping from the jump platforms and by this way you can swing more faster. Try not to fall while moving. If you fall, you fail. Game controls: "MOUSE" and "LEFT-CLICK" Have fun! TwoPlayerGames 10 months ago
  • Troll Face Quest: USA 1 Troll Face Quest: USA 1 Troll Face continues with its brand new game, are you ready for cool puzzles? If so, then play this brand new point and click adventure game. It'll help you escape boredom like no other game out there... but it could make you feel like a potato head! Troll Face Quest: USA is the only game where you can solve puzzles that involve both American presidents and indestructible superheroes! Have fun and improve your intelligence! TwoPlayerGames 1 month ago
  • Pill Volley Pill Volley Pill Volley is a wonderful volleyball game where you play as 2 pill characters. The main focus in the game is to try and score by not having the other person hit the ball in the right moment. It's a very creative game with lots of interesting gameplay ideas. At the same time, the title is very simplistic and a pleasure to enjoy. You can play it on your own or you can play with a friend if you want. The horizonal screen design brings in a great range of gameplay ideas and it's all about delivering a tremendous and fun experience for you to explore. Visuals are amazing, the gameplay is vivid and Pill Volley strives to make the experience as rewarding as possible. You can play for as much time as you want and you can receive bucks from playing. This currency will bring you more and more pill types to unlock. If you love arcade games or if you want to play a very simply type of volley, Pill Volley is the right game for you. It's immersive, funny and at the same time full of gameplay ideas. Just give it a shot and you will find it very interesting and cool! Game Controls: PLAYER1: "Touch" or "Up Arrow" PLAYER2: "Touch" or "W" Features: Intense volleyball gameplay Lots of characters to unlock Singleplayer or 2-player game Great effects and visuals TwoPlayerGames 3 months ago
  • Pool 8 Ball Pool 8 Ball Pool 8 Ball is an extraordinary pool game where your primary focus is to put all the balls in the designated pocket in order to win. It's a very nice, fun 8-ball variant that you can play alone or with friends on the same device. The game has a timer, so you can easily test your skills and try to beat the clock as you complete every session. It's a great concept and it always encourages you to play better while also pushing the boundaries and just having fun with the entire experience. Pool 8 Ball has very impressive graphics, it's created with attention to detail in mind and it features complete touch and mouse support. It's a great game that you can easily play with everyone and you will find it a pleasure to play and the game quality will stand out quite a bit every time. If you love pool games in general and you want something simple, fun and easy to play, give Pool 8 Ball a try right now. This is an amazing title with tons of replayability and great physics. All in all, it's an amazing purchase and you should totally check it out if you love arcade pool! Features: Immersive pool gameplay Play alone or with a friend Test your skills against the timer Beautiful graphics Lots of replay value TwoPlayerGames 2 months ago
  • Stickman Street Fighting 3D Stickman Street Fighting 3D A huge stickman gang has declared a street fight against your stickman. In this street fight, you are free to use everything you want. You should pick the guns from the street. There are some ammo boxes in different places of the street. You can kick or punch these boxes and you can break them and you can use the guns which come out of these boxes. There are many tough chapters in this game. You can unlock new characters on each several chapters. You can defeat your enemies by using firearms. Game Controls: Move: "ARROW KEYS" Punch/Fire/Attack: "Z" Kick: "X" Defense: "C" Jump: "SPACE" Good luck! TwoPlayerGames 2 months ago
  • Paper IO Paper IO Conquer the lands of the enemy by sneaking their lands and make larger the main area of your lands by making sure that you are getting larger around of your main land. If one of your opponents hits your line while you are conquering lands, you lose. Try to make your lands larger carefully and become the empiror of the paper io game! Game controls: Move: "ARROW KEYS" Have fun! TwoPlayerGames 7 months ago
  • Table Tennis Pro Table Tennis Pro A super table tennis tournament awaits you which has super realistic game physics. You can do some practices against some opponents in three different difficulty level or you can participate a tournament and you can play cup matches. You can throw your opponent a curveball or you can throw the ball to the reverse corners of your opponent to beat him/her. Game controls: Use "MOUSE" and "LEFT-CLICK" Have fun! TwoPlayerGames 10 months ago
  • Head Soccer 2 Player Head Soccer 2 Player Head Soccer 2 Player is a combined game of soccer and volleyball. You can pick any of four soccer characters, and challenge your opponents. Each match takes 90 seconds and you are required to hit the ball towards opponent's side by using your head only. Each ball your opponent fails to recover will count as a "GOAL" for you. You can play either single player or multiplayer versions. Also, three amazing in-game bonuses will provide a better gaming experience. Bonuses include; player speed boost, player enlarger, and opponent freeze. Bonuses occur in air randomly, first player hitting the bonus with the ball will receive all the advantages of it. Secret of winning Head Soccer 2 Player game is to be at right place at the right time and jump right on time! If you could throw the where your opponents cannot reach, you may earn more points. Game Controls: Player 1: "W,A,S,D" and "Q" Player 2: "ARROW KEYS" and "SPACE" TwoPlayerGames 2 months ago
  • Helix Jump Helix Jump You should drop the ball between the blocks which are connected to a very long pipe. While you are dropping the ball, you should avid the colored blocks. If you hit them, you lose the game. Challenge your friend and get ready to race about scoring! Game controls: If you want, you can play the game on your mobile device, tablet or PC. "LEFT and RIGHT ARROWS" Have fun! TwoPlayerGames 10 months ago
  • Regular Show Fist Punch Regular Show Fist Punch Close friend of Mordecai and Rigby, has been kidnapped by an evil character which nickname is night owl. They don't want to stay without doing nothing against this event and they decided to embark on an adventure. During this adventure, they are going to destroy the men of night owl and then they will try to save their friend. Let's begin! Game controls: Player 1: Move: "W,A,S,D" Attack: "X" Dash: "Z" Player 2: Move: "ARROW KEYS" Attack: "M" Dash: "N" Good luck! TwoPlayerGames 1 year ago
  • Chess Chess Welcome new Kasparovs. Develope your intelligence with this the most beautiful chess game. If you'd like to play with your friends or you want to play against the computer. Let us look first to say who checkmate. TwoPlayerGames 1 year ago
  • TrollFace Quest: USA 2 TrollFace Quest: USA 2 TROLLFACE QUEST: USA 2 is bringing you to the USA where you need to try and prank everyone in order for you to win. The cool thing about this game is that you will journey from one place to the other trying to complete all kinds of tasks. From celebrities to politicians, there's a lot of stuff to check out and the gameplay itself is very interesting and just a whole lot of fun for you to try out all the time. With numerous adventures and puzzles in the game, you will always find something rewarding and fun to complete. That's what makes TROLLFACE QUEST: USA 2 so good, the fact that it constantly pushes the boundaries to bring in some immersive results. It's a very good idea to consider and if you check it out, nothing can stand in your way. If you love arcade games and exciting game mechanics, then the experience can be very interesting. The game is all about bringing in humor and fun, and it's really fun to play. Features Lots of comedy and humor Very easy to play and fun moments Immersive mechanics Plenty of puzzles TwoPlayerGames 1 week ago
  • Fire and Water 6 Fire and Water 6 Lovely heroes are meeting with you again in a brand new adventure. Game is proceeding on ice-fields in this version. Be ready to complete hard missions under extreme snowfall. Wait for a while during the ads and click "Play Game" button when it's done. Use "Game Start" button from main menu to continue chapter selection screen. Game has 40 different levels. You can continue from your last positon by selecting each one. If you are playing this game at first time, choose chapter one to start this adventure. Sometimes you will have to use boxes, keys, launching balls on the area and sometimes you'll overcome the obstacles by hockening your partner. You must pick up all gold coins on the platform and must reach final point together. Control our heroes with "Arrow Keys" and "W,A,S,D" keys. Demonstrate the best teamwork and complete all chapters one by one. hopes you have fun. TwoPlayerGames 1 year ago
  • Medieval Defense Z Medieval Defense Z A war is beginning against zombies in the medieval period. It is very hard to get somewhere because of the zombie invasion. You should kill all of the zombies to get the place where you want to go. The vehicle that you are traveling has 6 slots. You can hire archers and place them on the slots and you can let them to kill zombies for you. A very long adventure awaits you. You can control the game by "MOUSE" and "LEFT-CLICK". TwoPlayerGames 6 months ago
  • Stick Fighter 2 Stick Fighter 2 How about playing a game which is shown as simple but full of with the adventure and excitement? Moreover as you can play single, you can play with your friend too! Your object in the game is, beating your opponent! Firstly click "PLAY" button, then choose the number of players. Then start the game after set the energy of your characters and the chapter you want to play. Key combinations are like that: 1. PLAYER Move: "H, K, U" Attack: "A, S, D" Special Key: "W" 2. PLAYER Move: "ARROW" keys Attack: "DELETE, END, PAGE-DOWN" Special Key: "W" Let's give some short information about the game: You can make special attacks apart from the simple ones in this full-action game. You need to use key combinations to make special attacks. One of these special keys are common with the other player. If you play this special key with an attack button, you can make stronger attacks. A gift for you from us: The first player can make his energy full by pressing "S, D" keys. And the second one can make the same with "END, PAGE-DOWN" keys. And the best of all, you can make it anytime you want. There are no limits. Good Luck. TwoPlayerGames 1 year ago
  • Bomb It 7 Bomb It 7 Bomb it game series which let you to have exciteful moments and make you addict itself by it's quality, seventh chapter is appeared. There are brand new features in this chapter either like before. One of these features, is the costumes of characters. You will dress up your character however you want and you will have quite the blast. If you are ready to explore brand new arenas and the the other brand new surprises, let's begin! Click on "START" button. After then, select one of these chapters that you wanted to play; "ARCADE, BATTLE ROYALE, NEW PAC-MAN, STAR COLLECTOR, ICE-MAN" and click on "NEXT" button. You can set your game's settings from "GAME SETTING" menu. You can set the number of player from "Players" section and number of enemy from "Enemies" section. Set the number of level from "Levels" and then set your game difficulty and click on "OK" button to proceed "DRESS UP YOUR CHARACTER" menu. You will need some game point to dress up your character. You can get the game point by completing missions and by playing game much. Click on "START GAME" button to start to game. Game controls: If you are playing as single, you should use these controls: Move: "ARROW KEYS" Bomb: "SPACE-BAR" If you are playing as two player, you should use these controls: 1st Player: Move: "W,A,S,D" Bomb: "SPACE-BAR" 2nd Player: Move: "ARROW KEYS" Bomb: "ENTER" You will get game stars if you complete the missions correctly. During the game, you can pause the game by clicking on "PAUSE" button located on lower-left side of the game screen and if you want you can go back to main menu by clicking on "MAIN MENU" button which opens when you pause the game. You can set the game sounds from the same menu. Have a ball! TwoPlayerGames 1 year ago
  • Battleship War Battleship War Embrace the power of war and guide your battleships to victory in the coolest strategy game out there! Battleship War is a fun battleship-type game where all you have to do is to uncover the location of the enemy battleships faster than he tries to uncover yours. Exhilarating strategy gameplay Battleship positioning is crucial in Battleship War, because the better you place your ships, the harder it will be for the enemy to spot them. It's very important to study the ship placement on the enemy board, as that may give you a good idea of where his ships will actually be. Your focus is to destroy all the enemy ships before he sinks yours. Two great game modes In Battleship War you have 2 game modes you can play right now. Classic mode requires you to guess where the enemy is located and destroy the enemy. In Advanced mode however, you are collection points and buying power-ups to see enemy positioning or to acquire hints. If you like the classic game of Battleship you will love the newly updated version in Battleship War. Check it out now and test your strategic knowledge! Features: Intense battleship gameplay 2 game modes to choose from Beautiful game world with lots of detail TwoPlayerGames 4 months ago
  • Multi Bomberman Multi Bomberman A basic bomberman game that can be played up to 4 players. You'll see the instructions at the beginning of the game. Try to win the game by eliminating your opponent. We hope you will have fun. TwoPlayerGames 1 year ago
  • Space Mission Space Mission The adventure begins in the deep sides of the space! You can play the game which is developed by using both retro gaming graphics and new HTML5 gaming technology either single player or two player by picking one of the game modes from "Campaign", "Battle vs CPU" or "Player vs Player". While playing against CPU, you can define the map as "SPACE" or "Maze Map". Besides, you can pick the time in the game modes as "Survival" or "Deathmatch. You should protect your space ship from "Space Trap" guns. Your ship by collecting power-ups and new guns. You can follow your position from the mini map which is located in the game bar. Game controls: Player 1: "ARROW KEYS" Shoot: "G" Player 2: Move: "W,A,S,D" Shoot: "L" Good luck! TwoPlayerGames 1 year ago
  • Mini Royale 2 Mini Royale 2 Mini Royale 2 is an io multiplayer game that can be played in the browsers. You can play Mini Royale 2 without downloading it to your computer. Try to find weapons and look for your enemies to kill them before they get you first. Use 15 different weapons and drones for your tactics! Try to stay at the end of the battle! GAME CONTROLS: MOVE: "W,A,S,D" AIM and SHOOT: "MOUSE" WALK: "SHIFT" JUMP: "SPACE" Have Fun! TwoPlayerGames 1 day ago
  • Fire and Water 5 Fire and Water 5 We present you the newest version of Fire and Water. In this chapter, our heroes are in a temple and trying to reach exit doors by overcoming obstacles which are created specially. You'll live action with full of mirrors in some chapters and you'll sometimes be in dark rooms. After game has been loaded click "Play" button and wait for a while during the ads. Click "Play" button again from game menu and choose first chapter from the map. You'll also have a chance to choose other chapters after you complete each one. You can also continue from your last position whenever you want. The objective of the game is same with others; you'll make collaboration with your partner and try to reach exit points together. Control our heroes with "Arrow Keys" and "W,A,D" keys. Don't come closer to water accumulation only, also care on other obstacles meticulously. It's time to show how good double you're again. hopes you good luck. TwoPlayerGames 1 year ago
  • Gravity Guy Gravity Guy Thanks to one of the world's biggest law of gravity, try to stay alive the hero. For this, the hero's feet need to step down to the ground. When the game opened, initiate by "Play" button. You can play this game by "Space" key or "Mouse". Furthermore, it is necessary to control and check your skills and reflexes very well. You can play this game with two or even with four persons. Do not forget the aliens following behind from you. If alien catches you, he will destroy you immediately. We wish you luck. TwoPlayerGames 1 year ago
  • Burger Challenge Burger Challenge Are burger-lovers and non-sharers here? Try to grab various burgers before your friend! You need to grab the spinning burgers by the middle part. First one to grab 5 burgers on spinning tray wins the game. Also, watch out for the randomly occurring -1 and +1 numbers on the tray, these numbers will determine your end result in + or - points. You may play Burger Challenge game in solo against AI or multiplayer mode. You can use touchscreen controllers or "W" - "Up Arrow" on keyboard. Let's begin the challenge! Game Features: 1P and 2P options. Fun graphics, sounds and effects. Supported on all platforms including tablets, smartphones and PC. TwoPlayerGames 4 months ago
  • Bandit Kings Bandit Kings The object of the game is filling your castle full of gold before your oppenent can. Watch your falling loot and attack caravans to plunder their gold! Controls : J : Player 1 Attack K/L : Player 1 Move S : Player 2 Attack D/F : Player Move . TwoPlayerGames 1 year ago
  • Bullet.Town Bullet.Town Welcome to Bullet Town, the ultimate game where you battle other players in a battle to the death. You really need to use all your skills as you try to eliminate all the other enemies in front of you. There are multiple characters to choose from, each one with their own weapons and skills. But what really matters is your reaction time and how good you are at completing all the tasks and challenges coming in front of you. Focus on becoming the best and improve your speed, then you can obtain some rewarding results and amazing benefits. Bullet Town is all about protecting yourself and also shooting others as you try to win. Every map in Bullet Town has ways to protect yourself, but it also has hazards. So you really need to pay attention to everything and improve the way you play as you become better and better. Bullet Town comes with an incredible game approach, unique visual design and an amazing way to play against people from all over the world. Not only do you have quick, simple controls, but the gameplay is very immersive and fun at the same time. Just check it out right now and you will be heavily impressed with the results and experience! Features: Intense battle royale game experience Immersive game worlds Use cover to stay alive Numerous characters to play with Cool graphics TwoPlayerGames 1 week ago
  • Pipe Mania Pipe Mania Pipe Mania is a cool plumbing game where your focus is to connect pipes to drain the water and avoid any leaks while doing all of that. There are 60+ levels to play through, each one having its fair share of challenges and unique demanding situations. If you are very passionate about solving puzzles and trying to test your skills, Pipe Mania is here for you. Pipe Mania allows you to undo your move and speed things up to see if you won or not. There can always be mistakes as you play, so you are allowed to revert to the start of the level and try again. It's a creative prospect and one that brings in front amazing results every time. With Pipe Mania, every level is different and it provides some exciting ideas. The focus is on creativity and offering an astounding value and great quality. You will like Pipe Mania because it constantly pushes the boundaries and it makes the gameplay very immersive. Plus, since every level is increasingly challenging, you will have to use all your skills in order to win, and that can be an amazing experience. Try out Pipe Mania and test your puzzle skills! Features: 60+ levels to play through Easy to play, hard to master Simplistic game visuals Exciting gameplay TwoPlayerGames 2 months ago
  • Finger Soccer 2020 Finger Soccer 2020 Finger Soccer 2020 is the coolest finger football game that you can ever play. With just a single tap on the desired player you will need to try and put the ball in the net as you move your character in the right direction. The game is very intense, it has great mechanics with realistic football rules. It's very easy to play, but hard to master! You can easily customize any game length, who you play against, the team formation and so on. In addition, Finger Soccer 2020 has a multitude of game modes too. These include singleplayer, two player, tournament and penalty kicks. Which means you can easily play with a friend or alone, or you can just try and improve your gameplay via penalty kicks. The AI is very good and it will put a good fight every time you play. This offers some very demanding situations where you really have to put yourself to the test as you try to win. Thanks to incredible game mechanics, you will always struggle to beat the enemy, be it an AI or not. Try out Finger Soccer 2020 if you are a fan of football and you will cherish the amazing gameplay, numerous game modes and beautiful graphics! Features: Impressive finger football game Enjoy multiple game modes Minimalist visuals Test yourself with penalty kicks TwoPlayerGames 4 months ago
  • Fox Simulator Fox Simulator What kind of things that you would do if you live as a fox? A great simulator game awaits you as an answer of this question. You are going to embark on a dangerous and entertaining missions with the fox. Sometimes you will walk among the people and some times you are going to try to complete a mission between the most dangerous animals of the jungle. Game Controls: Move: "ARROW KEYS" Run: "SHIFT" Jump: "SPACE" Attack: "LEFT-CLICK" Have fun! TwoPlayerGames 10 months ago
  • Horse Simulator 3D Horse Simulator 3D This time we are taking you to a game in which you can see the lives of the horses closer. In this game you can ride your horse however you want, you can do quests and you can make a family by finding a healthy horse. You can struggle against the wild creatures around and you can be rewarded against this. Game controls: Move: "W,A,S,D" Attack: "LEFT-CLICK" Jump: "SPACE" Run: "SHIFT" Have fun! TwoPlayerGames 4 months ago
  • Gold Miner 2 Gold Miner 2 Gold Miner 2 is a cool mining game where all you have to do is to collect all the gold nuggets and jewels in the game world. Be aware that there are also lots of items that you do not want to touch, such as barrels, as they will blow up very fast. On top of that, there are also numerous bonuses that you will find which will help increase your scores. Every new level is a challenge, since you always have to strive towards becoming better and better. If you are very passionate about exciting, fun game mechanics that are unique and different, just consider giving Gold Miner a try and we guarantee you will have a very good time. TwoPlayerGames 2 months ago
  • Maya Adventure Maya Adventure The adventurer friends continue their adventure with the Maya civilization after Inca and Aztec pyramids. But, they have a huge problem in their new adventure! There are many enemies in the pyramids. You have to collect the diamonds to open the doors. You can finish 16 levels by collaborating with your friend and using ancient weapons. GAME CONTROLS Player 1: Move: "W,A,S,D" Hit: "F" Grenade: "G" Jump: "W"(Walk on the wall) Switch weapon: "Q" Player 2: Move: "ARROW KEYS" Hit: "L" Jump: "UP ARROW KEY" (Walk on the wall) Switch weapon: "U" TwoPlayerGames 1 week ago
  • Snail Bob 8: Island Story Snail Bob 8: Island Story Another great adventure begins with the cute character Snail Bob who is really experienced about adventures. Actually, he goes this adventure by coincidence. A monster who wants to do evil to Snail Bob, causes him to travel very different lands by doing an evil thing to him. This adventures passes in an island. What you need to do is, to solve puzzles inside levels and get the Bob to the exit door safe and sound. Controls of players: Use "MOUSE" and "LEFT-CLICK" Stop: "SPACE" Change direction: "1" Speed up: "2" Have fun! TwoPlayerGames 1 year ago
  • Happy Wheels Happy Wheels A tough struggle begins with three different characters which each one has its own vehicle. There will be ten different game levels will confront you, you can start playing by selecting any of those levels. Your goal is to get your player to the finish line in a kind of way. You can protect your player by passing obstacles carefully. If your player gets harm more than a certain point, this may cause you to restart the game level. Game controls: Move: "ARROW KEYS" Eject: "Z" Jump: "SPACE" Other controls: "SHIFT" and "CTRL" Have fun! TwoPlayerGames 10 months ago
  • Family Road Trip Family Road Trip Family Road Trip is a peaceful game where your focus is to try and enjoy a really cool family trip in a variety of locations. There's a whole lot to do, since you have to pack up for the entire family and enjoy a plethora of activities in the form of mini games. The games are fun and different, from fishing to all kinds of hidden object and so on. Features: Prepare your family for the road trip Immersive and fun mini games Lots of adventures to explore TwoPlayerGames 1 week ago
  • Duck Hunter Duck Hunter Do you love retro games? Then you know the amazing Duck Hunt and the cool gameplay that it had. Duck Hunter brings you back to the old times with a very similar experience. You play the role of a hunter that tries to hunt as many ducks as possible in order to win. The way you play is very easy to understand. All you have to do is to move the scope and then shoot the ducks. Keep in mind that these ducks are fast and they will fly away from the screen. So you have to pay a lot of attention and ensure that you get as many of them as possible. Duck Hunter offers the perfect blend of exciting gameplay, fun and unique ideas, as well as outstanding retro goodness. The visuals are retro inspired too, and you will really feel like you are playing the old school game, but now you are on your modern device. Move: "W,A,S,D & Arrow Keys" Shoot: "Spacebar" Touch Control works on all browsers and all mobile devices! Features: Exciting retro gameplay Shoot the ducks before they go away Beautiful old school graphics Test your accuracy TwoPlayerGames 2 months ago
  • Cannon Basket Cannon Basket Would you like to play basketball game with a fun style? You will not be bored with a game style that appeals to all ages. You will have total of 3 ball on each game, and you will lose a ball as you fail to score! Also, the hoop switches places, moves, and increases in numbers following each shot. You can control the game by touch controls or by "MOUSE". TwoPlayerGames 3 months ago
  • Guess Who? Guess Who? You will try to guess the character that CPU picks by questioning it and CPU will try to guess your character by questioning you between the twenty four characters which all have different look. You can define the questions that you are going to ask from the below and you can direct the questions according to characters, features like glass, beard, mustache, face and ear features. The one who guesses the opponent's character first, wins the game. Good luck! TwoPlayerGames 3 months ago
  • Festival Park! Festival Park! FESTIVAL PARK is a cool exploration game where you can explore exciting, unique locations for you to explore. You can explore the festival and make new friends, while also completing all kinds of challenges. It's a very immersive and fun experience to play around with and you can easily check out the uniqueness and exciting visual appeal that you can try out. With glaring visuals, amazing attention to detail and incredible ways for you to meet new people in an immersive experience, Festival Park manages to stand out and provide you with some cool new experiences. It's a very interesting gameplay idea and one that constantly pushes the boundaries. If you want to play a cool game where you make new friends and just have fun for a change, give the game a try today and you will find it really exciting! Features: Explore the festival grounds Make new friends Immersive game experience TwoPlayerGames 1 week ago
  • Mancala 3D Mancala 3D Mancala game rules are actually set on a simple logic. The only thing that you need to do, is to decide on a correct strategy at the very beginning of the game and pursue this till the end of the game. Game is played between two player. Each player has 24 stones at the beginning. There are 12 spots in the Mancala game. Each player has 6 spots in front of them and the players can only take and play with their own stones. But the players can put stones to their opponent's spot. There are big spots near of these 6 spots and these are called as treasury. The goal is to gather the stones on the treasury areas. The treasury which is at the right side of the player belongs to him/her. You can play the game against your friend in two player game mode or you can play against CPU. Besides of that you can pick one of the game themes between Cave, Beach and Indoor. Game is controlled by "MOUSE". TwoPlayerGames 6 months ago
  • Jelly Match 3 Jelly Match 3 Jelly Match-3 is a cool match 3 game where all you have to do is to match jellies to get 3 in a row and then score. You have lots of incredible levels to play through and the gameplay is very immersive and fun. There are also some bonuses too, which make it a lot more interesting and compelling to play and just have fun with it. Jelly Match-3 offers you a very creative and exciting experience, and at the same time it brings in a wide array of options. Features: Exciting match 3 gameplay Very easy to play, hard to master Numerous levels to go through Stunning graphics TwoPlayerGames 2 months ago
  • The Sorcerer The Sorcerer The Sorcerer is an amazing game where you need to throw balls and create matches in order to stay alive. A large number of balls are getting closer and closer to your location, so you need to figure out what you can do in order to stay safe. With The Sorcerer you get to have 3 progressive levels to choose from, so you can easily get better and better as you play. Test your sorcerer skills today! Features: Great puzzle gameplay Impressive graphics Very easy to play TwoPlayerGames 2 weeks ago
  • Moto Road Rash 3D Moto Road Rash 3D MOTO ROAD RASH 3D is offering you the ultimate way to ride a motorcycle and have fun with it. In this game you pick the motorcycle that you want to ride, and then you test it out on the streets in a large city. It's a really cool game since you need to do everything in your power to stay alive and not crash. There are tons of incredible gameplay ideas, and you will be impressed by the outstanding quality and nice visuals. It's a very immersive game with unique features and you will enjoy the way everything comes together. If you love arcade racing with a motorcycle you do want to check it out. This is a very fun, rewarding racing game that makes it easy to experience the thrill of having a great and powerful bike right in front of you. It's an insane and fun gameplay moment that you can repeat again and again. MOTO ROAD RASH 3D is a game created by motorcycle racing fans for the same fans. That means it's incredibly detailed and it encompasses pretty much everything that you would want to play in here. It's different, it's fun and exciting, and it certainly pushes the boundaries with some extraordinary bike racing! Features: Immersive racing gameplay Adrenalin-filled experiences Tune the bike and be the best driver Numerous challenges TwoPlayerGames 2 weeks ago
  • Gold Miner Jack Gold Miner Jack Gold Miner Jack is an exciting mining game where you need to get the highest possible score in order to win. Every level comes with a specific scoring requirement, and you need to acquire the necessary number of points to pass that next level. With more than 20 levels to play through, the game is very exciting and a pleasure to play. If you enjoy fun, exciting arcade mining games, give Gold Miner Jack a try today! Features: Great gold miner gameplay Acquire precious stones and bags with bonuses 20+ levels to play through Dedicated store where you can buy items TwoPlayerGames 2 weeks ago
  • Heroes Legend Heroes Legend Are you ready to join the biggest adventure with two legendary heroes to save captured princess in the great tower? You need to conquer 16 levels of the tower. You can unlock the upper levels by collecting the keys. You will have sword, axe, bow and arrow, and magical weapons while fighting monsters. Both characters can climb the walls by jumping. You can earn 1 extra life by collecting 50 diamonds in game. In the final level, you will need to defeat the BOSS along with other monsters surrounding him. Don't forget to save the princess from dungeon at the end of the game! Game Controls: PLAYER 1 Move: "W,A,S,D" Hit / Shot: "F" Jump: "W" Switch Weapon: "Q" PLAYER 2 Move: "ARROW KEYS" Hit / Shot: "L" Jump: "UP ARROW" Switch Weapon: "U" Game Features: Story-driven multiplayer game mode. Legendary graphics, sounds and sound effects. Save feature lets you continue the game on the last level you were in. Different monsters and a boss fight at the end! From easy to hard gameplay. TwoPlayerGames 3 months ago
  • Fire and Water 3 Fire and Water 3 We are sharing the third version of Fire and Water game. Your aim is same as the others; complete all chapters one by one. Use our heroes specialities when you need. Click "Play Game" button from menu and select red point from the map to begin this funny adventure. Navigate our heroes with "Arrow Keys" and "W,A,S,D" keys. hopes you have fun. TwoPlayerGames 1 year ago
  • City Car Stunt 2 City Car Stunt 2 City Car Stunt saga continues with the 2nd game of the series. Brand new modern city and futuristic super-sports vehicles are awaiting for you. Apart from the vehicles in first game of the series, you can start Stunt shows by using 7 completely unique amazing vehicles that could be customized by newest skins. We revamped the game physics, now you can control the vehicles on air. You will enjoy the game even more thanks to improved controls. Newly added Nitro feature will provide more power for traps and ramps. You can play the game in both single and 2 Player modes. You will also have the "Free Driving" option to perform freestyle shows as in previous game. Try to complete 6 different routes in the game before time runs out! Each level unlocks a new car and make you more powerful for upcoming levels! Player 1 Move: "ARROW KEYS" Nitro: "N" Look Back:"B" Player 2 Move: "W,A,S,D" Nitro: "T" Look Back: "C" Level Restart: "R" TwoPlayerGames 3 weeks ago
  • Gold Miner Gold Miner The Gold Miner game which takes its part within the most classic games of all times, is now available with its chapter which can be played on mobile too! On each chapter, there are some mines that you should collect. There is an amount of Money that you should reach on each level. You can complete the game level and go to next level by reaching this amount. Try to avoid TNTs and rocks. You can play the game by "LEFT-CLICK and RIGHT-CLICK" or "UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS" or touch control of your mobile device. Have fun! TwoPlayerGames 3 months ago
  • Bomber 3D Bomber 3D Bomber 3D game presents you a true classic, bombing field battles, in 3D gaming experience. Find your friend for this multiplayer only game, and let the fun begin! You can battle on four different arenas in Bomber 3D game! Also, you can select the arena size; Small, Medium, Large or XLarge for longer battles. Try to eliminate enemy by using your bombs in allotted time depending on map size! If neither of players could win, the end result of the game will be decided as a "DRAW". You can use the bonuses by exploding boxes to increase number of bombs or extending bombs' range to eliminate your enemies easier! Game Controls: Player 1: "W,A,S,D" and "SPACE" Player 2: "ARROW KEYS" and "ENTER" TwoPlayerGames 2 months ago
  • Life The Game Life The Game The potential furtherance which you live one by one of the life which starts by you are born, is prepared for you. The thing what you need to do, is to complete the missions successfully you face in each period. In the beginning of this series of events, you will need to get born. After you complete the missions one by one, you are going to reach a conclusion which the life leads you. Game controls: "MOUSE" and "LEFT-CLICK" or you can control the game in your touchable device by touch controls. TwoPlayerGames 1 year ago
  • CyberTruck on Mars CyberTruck on Mars CYBERTRUCK ON MARS offers you a cool experience as you get to drive this amazing truck on Mars. You are exploring the planet trying to find minerals and maybe even some signs of life. As you play, you will obtain samples from the soil and you must complete 10 missions in order to win. Plus, you get to explore the surface of Mars and see all kinds of cool stuff. It's one of those things that you will enjoy a lot and the quality as well as the experience itself can definitely pay off in an interesting and rewarding manner all the time. Give CyberTruck on Mars a shot today and explore the red planet! Features: Explore Mars and complete missions Use the fabled cybertruck for missions Exciting, fun arcade gameplay TwoPlayerGames 2 days ago
  • Truck Loader 5 Truck Loader 5 The popular vehicle control game Truck Loader continues with its new series. You will both have fun and improve your intelligence. The object of the Truck Loader 5 is to load all the boxes on the truck using the magnetic crane. If you can solve puzzles quickly, you can win 3 lights from the levels. Let's get to work now! GAME CONTROLS: Drive and Jump: "W,A,S,D or Arrows" Control the Magnet: "Mouse" Restart: "R" TwoPlayerGames 6 days ago
  • Poly Art 3D Poly Art 3D POLY ART 3D is a beautiful puzzle game where your main focus is to try and recover the poly art in order to get it back as quickly as possible. The way you play is you just need to rotate that magic cloud in order to find the right figure. It will take a lot of attention and focus to find the right orientation for the item. Since game comes with a plethora of different poly art options, you won't have a problem finding the right one to suit your needs. It delivers an immersive, unique and rewarding experience that you do not want to miss. And since poly art 3D is all about great gameplay and exciting visuals, it always pushes the boundaries to provide something new and different. Consider giving poly art 3D a try if you like art and puzzles. It's the perfect combination between the two, with lots of interesting challenges! Features Recover the poly art Stunning poly visuals Rotate the magic cloud TwoPlayerGames 3 days ago
  • Cube Combat Cube Combat Try fighting with these odd characters. Use your wooden cube guy to fight, against your player opponent, punch, kick, jump and pull off moves. Player 1: W, A, S, D and H, J, G. Player 2: Arrow keys and num 1,2,3. TwoPlayerGames 1 year ago
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