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  • Wendigo Duo report Wendigo Duo There are two snowman live in the arctic continent,one of is bigger,one of is smaller,they are brothers and always play together.One day,they decided to go out for adventrue.The purpose of this adventure is looking for the legendary fairyland.But many dangerous creatures also live in this world of ice and snow, it means that their adventure will not be smooth,you need to use your wisdom and courage to help them out of the woods. Y8 11 months ago
  • Math Attack! report Math Attack! The teacher wanted the class to do a math crossword puzzle. Y8 11 months ago
  • Fire Truck report Fire Truck Carefully drive your fire truck filled with water over the terrain and put out the fires. Y8 11 months ago
  • Shape Crush Y8 report Shape Crush Y8 Shape Crush is a flash mathing3 puzzle game. Time limited, levels enabled and score enabled. Drop down flash puzzle game. Make a line of at least 3 of the same shape to crush them of the stage. The more shapes of the same in line or group will give you more points. In first level you need to get 500 score to advance to the next level. Y8 11 months ago
  • 10-Count Recount report 10-Count Recount No description available. Y8 7 months ago
  • Balloons Vs Zombies report Balloons Vs Zombies Kill zombies with the help of knives and balloons in this physics (angry birds style) shooter. Your brave hero lost all of his weapons except for the cannon that shoots knives and balloons. Kill all the dead guys (Zombies) and save the humans that are alive. Y8 11 months ago
  • Billiard Blitz:  Snooker Star report Billiard Blitz: Snooker Star Snooker - the Daddy of all billiards games! Billiard Blitz Snooker Star lets you play snooker against a range of AI opponents, with quick play and tournament modes, and lots of trophies to collect. I hope you like this game I've made. For fans of snooker, you will probably already know what you are doing, but if you've never played snooker before, please take a moment to read through the rules - it's a bit more complex than pool, but well worth the effort. Once you get the hang of how to play, the game can open up a world of strategy and tactics. Y8 11 months ago
  • Dragon Ball Z Goku Dressup report Dragon Ball Z Goku Dressup Help Goku choosing nice clothes, shoes, hairstyles and accessories, please add effects to photos more beautiful. Y8 11 months ago
  • Pixel Warfare report Pixel Warfare Pixel Warfare is a great 3d multiplayer shooter game. The game offers a lot of weapons and maps, so no player will have a problem choose. We recommend play the game at full screen mode (key "p"). We wish many many fun and successful shots. Y8 11 months ago
  • Wow Devil House Escape report Wow Devil House Escape Wow Devil House Escape is a another type of point and click new escape game developed by This is a critical game where you are trapped in a dangerous devil house, In that house, once a witch was live. After her death it was occupied by the ghosts. Ghosts are very dangerous they won't allow escaping anybody from the place to escape from the spooky house. Do you think is it possible to escape? If you have the right attitude then you can do it. Let's show your courage and escape from this Haunted devil house by collecting spooky object, use clues and solve all the dangerous puzzles. Good luck and have a spooky fun! Y8 11 months ago
  • Christmas Gifts Matching report Christmas Gifts Matching Let's enjoy a fun and challenging game similar to Majhong and find the pair for all the cards on the board. And as the Christmas is around the corner, of course the theme is about this holiday. Enjoy and Good Luck! Y8 11 months ago
  • Football Madness report Football Madness Avoid the defenses and score a touchdown. Watch the map from the inferior-right side. Y8 11 months ago
  • Bus Fart report Bus Fart You must help the skunk to remove the existing gas in the stomach without being detected until arrive at destination. There are more than 5 animals with different sensitivity of detecting fart. Y8 11 months ago
  • WorldZ report WorldZ In this 3D game, your only goal will be to survive in a world full of zombie hordes. Try to collect useful items that you find on the ground. Aside from that, you can use many usable tools, such as an axe, to cut down trees. You'll also find a car in the local village, but be careful, since it's surrounded by zombies. Try to care for your characters basic needs, else you'll die a horrible death. Y8 11 months ago
  • Puppy Racers report Puppy Racers Beat your opponent and collect as many stars as you can Y8 11 months ago
  • Fleabag vs Mutt 2 report Fleabag vs Mutt 2 Throw the shells by defeating Cat or Dog in this squeal 2 player game. Good luck and enjoy. Y8 11 months ago
  • Holiday Cafe report Holiday Cafe It's holiday time! You have renovated the Holiday Caf? in the heart of the city. In this place lots of customers started coming to your cafe for holiday foods. They all want their different type choice of food. You have a couple of staffs for serving foods, parcels and cleaning. Watch the customer waiting time and serve them accordingly their choice of food. Operate the food machine to make the food correctly. Earn money by serving the food according to customers wish. Can you do this? Let's try. Have a fun. Happy Holidays. Y8 11 months ago
  • 1 Starship report 1 Starship No description available. Y8 7 months ago
  • Magic Arrow report Magic Arrow Your mission is to destroy all blue balloons in 15 levels. If you hit 4 red balloons you will loose one round. Yellow gives you extra arrows.Green is extra arrow speed. Y8 11 months ago
  • A Good Wife report A Good Wife A fun experimental game play simulation project. Do chores, rack up as many points while pleasing your husband by kissing him and cooking him food. Y8 11 months ago
  • Air Hockey report Air Hockey Air hockey is one of everyone's favorite challenges! Represent your favorite country as you go head-to-head as you work your way through a tournament of eight games. Every country's player brings their own tactics and challenges, so stay alert. Some of the most realistic physics for air hockey are right here. Y8 11 months ago
  • Cloneheads report Cloneheads Story of two clone brothers from another planet. help them to escape and bring them together... family love. Y8 11 months ago
  • Hong Kong Phooey's Karate Challenge report Hong Kong Phooey's Karate Challenge Hong Kong Phooey invites you to his dojo for the annual Karate tournament. Y8 11 months ago
  • Suburban Karate Master report Suburban Karate Master Gumball is a karate master! He is running along the city streets and fighting against evil ninjas. Help him to defeat all his enemies and collect all energy drink cans on his way. Be careful and try to overcome all obstacles. Y8 11 months ago
  • Prism Panic report Prism Panic A action platformer in a bizarre fantasy like world. You'll be faced with a variety of challenges that require mastery of wall-jumping and air-dashing. Y8 11 months ago
  • Blox Shooter report Blox Shooter No description available. Y8 7 months ago
  • Mini Golf 3D report Mini Golf 3D A funny mini golf game all in 3D! Try to shoot the ball in the holes with the less shots than possible! Enjoy! Y8 11 months ago
  • Totem Differences report Totem Differences Spot the differences to rescue the Totem girl! Go through some stages of the unique Totem village and solve the puzzles. Click differences to fix them and use a hint if you're stuck. Y8 11 months ago
  • Bastion report Bastion Prevent passing the enemies to your base. You can build turrets and traps to kill them. You can also upgrade them as the enemies becomes harder. You can also upgrade your stats by each stage you complete. Y8 11 months ago
  • Nebula Defender report Nebula Defender No description available. Y8 7 months ago
  • Mini Golf Front report Mini Golf Front Complete a series of mini golf courses in the game. Y8 11 months ago
  • Karate Blazers report Karate Blazers Play this cool arcade street fighting game and select your favorite characters Mark, Glen, Akira and Gil. Y8 11 months ago
  • Metallicide report Metallicide Kill enemies as quickly as possible, pick up power ups, and employ strategies using the walls. Y8 11 months ago
  • Afghan Survival report Afghan Survival After the biological warfare, you were the only one left alive in your squad. Everybody including civilians turned into mindless flesh eating zombies. Keep yourself alive in this god forsaken land. Scavenge for ammos, weapons, grenade and anything that you can use for your survival. Good luck and hope you'll survive even for a day! Y8 11 months ago
  • Box Tower report Box Tower No description available. Y8 7 months ago
  • Bomberman Flash report Bomberman Flash Bomberman in the land of the pumpkin. 1 or 2 players mode. Y8 11 months ago
  • Tyrian TD report Tyrian TD Place your towers on the floating piece of land as you gun down the attacking waves of spaceships. Tyrian TD Y8 11 months ago
  • Super Volleyball Brazil 2 report Super Volleyball Brazil 2 Choose your two players as well as two players against you. The winner becomes the one who first get fifteen points. All of these players can be personalized in certain way so enjoy the game. Y8 11 months ago
  • Everyone's Hero Mah-jongg report Everyone's Hero Mah-jongg Click on two matching tiles to remove them. Y8 11 months ago
  • Website Logo: Great Wall Mahjong report Website Logo: Great Wall Mahjong The object of the game is to remove all the tiles. Remove the mahjong tiles pair by pair until all the mahjong's are gone. You can match a mahjong only if it is not blocked from both sides and that it does not have any other tiles stacked above it. The 'show moves' button will show all the matching pairs that are available to remove. Y8 11 months ago
  • 3D Field Goal report 3D Field Goal The objective of the player is to complete each goal within the time limit in these 3D field goal games. Y8 11 months ago
  • Cleaning Time! Supermarket report Cleaning Time! Supermarket Lanah works part-time at the supermarket near her dorm to play her college tuition. In order to make a good job she needs to clean three section: fruit and vegetable, hygiene, and junk food. Help her out by clicking and dragging the items to where they belong! CLick hint button when you are troubled. She does not have much time as she needs to finish everything before 9am when the supermarket opens! Y8 11 months ago
  • Rajni Minds It Game report Rajni Minds It Game Rajni can shoots at the local baddies on your behalf in his own style! Y8 11 months ago
  • Flight Simulator: Get That Jet report Flight Simulator: Get That Jet How far can you throw? Grab the paper plane with your mouse and fling it as far as you can! Y8 11 months ago
  • Virtual Drum Set report Virtual Drum Set Bang on the drums all day long. Y8 1 month ago
  • Snake And Ladders report Snake And Ladders No description available. Y8 7 months ago
  • Little Nails Problems report Little Nails Problems Molly had an accident and was crying on her way to the hospital when a lady from the Nail Shop saw her. She noticed that Molly's hands and feet were hurt and the nails were not trimmed and groomed. She offered Molly her services and promised to take good care of her. Y8 11 months ago
  • Package Thief report Package Thief Package Thief is the new and exclusive game of Your task is to collect the packages in the aerodrome. But the police have suspected who is stealing the things and sent several patrol cars to catch your car. Avoid oncoming cars, break away from the pursuers, and drive zigzag to muddle the police. Y8 11 months ago
  • Ben 10 Ultimate Crisis report Ben 10 Ultimate Crisis Fight against the aliens as Ben 10. Y8 11 months ago
  • Puppy Diving report Puppy Diving Go for gold in the Puppy Diving Championships! Name your puppy, train like a pro, and collect those bones! Perform amazing tricks, jump through hoops and land the perfect dive to impress the judges! Unlock different breeds of dogs and compete in four events to become the Puppy Diving champ! Y8 11 months ago
  • Jumble Maze report Jumble Maze You will always have a hard time playing this game because the level keeps on changing here and back then and you will have to keep on memorizing in your mind how to reach the end. Y8 11 months ago
  • Christmas Pong report Christmas Pong Christmas Pong is an amazing itteration to the timeless classic Pong. Enjoy this Pong game in single- or two player mode. Move the paddle up or down and score points that are tracked at the top of the screen. Y8 3 weeks ago
  • Wizzard Child report Wizzard Child Walk through the streets of a remote mountain village looking for one of the seven wizzards, while you travel, collect powers, interact certain characters and defeat those who attacks you. Y8 11 months ago
  • Smell My Fart report Smell My Fart Don't touch enemies unless you release a stinky fart around you. Don't run out of gas! Y8 11 months ago
  • Zombie Hunter report Zombie Hunter Tokyo is in danger, the city was attacked by hordes of hungry zombies. Only Zombie Hunter and you will be able to liberate the city from invasion. Enjoy 25 levels and save the city from chaos. Y8 11 months ago
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